Is Monday To Late For The Morning After Pill

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Kitty - September 10

Well I have reached Stage 4, A women that may be come pregnant. Last Night I went to the foot ball game with my older brother, his girl friend and my brother's best friend. He's been my secret crush since I was a little girl. Afyet the game we went to my crushes house and my brother and his girl started making out. My secret crush went to his bedroom to watch a movie and he told me he wanted to kiss me and we starteed making out and before long we were all over each other. His kisses make hot all over and soon he was kissing, playing and sucking my br___ts, belly and I did not want him to stop. A short time later I gave him my virginity. I didn't hurt except for a couple of seconds and soon I felt the heat of his c_m entering me. He came inside me three times and I still feel the after glow of him this morning. We did not use protection and I can not get the morning after pill until after school on Monday. Will that be to late to take it. If it is I will just wait to see if I reached the top stage of motherhood. I love babies and I want babies but I'm not sure I want one when I'm 15. I know that almost every time the egg is fertizied and only 1 out of 3 times will it implant and grow. I will be ovulating today or tomorrow and I'm full of sperm right now. Is there anything else that I can do to possible prevent implantation.


Baby_T - September 10

i would look on the internet for some advice on that. if you go on the brook clinic website it will definatly tell you. actually it might tell you on here somewhere but i think you can take it up to 3 days after.


despite the soft p___n - September 10

The morning after pill is most effective 72 hrs after having unprotected s_x. Good Luck.


Grandpa Viv - September 10

The morning after pill is best taken as soon as possible, they used to say 72 hours max but lately the figure 120 hours has been quoted - it may depend where you are in your cycle. Call around and find out where you can get EC sooner. Planned Parenthood is at 1-800-230-PLAN


despite the soft p___n - September 11

G. Viv, doesn't the rate of effectiveness drop significantly after the 72 hr mark?


Grandpa Viv - September 11

Sure it drops. Here's my view. Even at the 72 hour mark the effectiveness is only about 80%. But stop and think. If the contraceptive failure was 4 days before ovulation, pregnancy is possible because of sperm 5 day survival, though this follows its own curve. Taking EC in any of the next five days has a chance of suppressing ovulation or implantation. On the other hand, if contraceptive failure was the day after ovulation and the egg is fertilized as it leaves the fallopian tube and prepares to implant, EC three days later has a very much reduced chance of working.



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