Is My 14 Teen Year Old Pregnant Please Help Me

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sissy - May 1

my teen girl had s_x on a monday her period was going to start the same week but it did not is she or could she be pregnant


katie - May 1

well yea...if she didnt use protection..the best thing to do is talk to her and get her to do a pregnancy test or go to c a doctor and get the rite results first time...but if she is pregnant dnt b too hard on her okies cause she will really need your support on watever she decides to do but gd luck and take care xxx katie


Cara - May 1

it is possible. act like her mom and take her to the doctor for a blood test if her period hasnt shown up within a week of when it should have. if she isnt pregnant get her on birth control so she doesnt have a scare like this again.


me1 - May 1

I actually got pregnant and had a period (although it was slightly lighter).So i would say it is possible to get preggers before your period.


Kat - May 13

if it was on the same week as her period was suppose to come then it is not likely she is.


Reba - May 13

I could happen, but it's kind of rare. The most possible time to get pregnant is in the 2-3days around ovulation. Since there is roughly 11-16days between ovulation and period (the Luteal Phase) during which a fertilized egg can implant, or an unfertilized egg deteriorates and is then expelled. IF her cycles are regular her egg would likely be too far deteriorated to be viable for conception. hth


sal - June 10

i am 15 and my guy has broke up with me, an i missed twice, will i be pregnant. i am a bit scared how do I tell if well you know?


Audrey - June 11

Sissy- The week before a period is not usually fertile, but there are always exceptions. If your teen misses her next period, have her use a pregnancy test.


sgsg - June 11


Ally - June 11

Why are you asking us? Why aren't you asking her? We don't know whether or not her period is regular. We don't know whether or not she used protection.


M - June 18



helpful hints - June 19

I have a feeling that you are the 14 year old and you dont want to be called a liar because there are so many fake post on this site.You should know this if she is your daughter,id a__sue that you would know because you have been through it before.I dont blame you for covering yourself if that is the case ,then buy her a test.There might be a chance that she just stalled her period and its going to take alittle longer for her to have it.



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