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blake - June 29

hi everyone im really worried about her because she shows all the signs but the missed period and vomiting. im so worried i dont want her to die i really need some help please i dont think she is because weve always used a condom and shes only 14 and we just need some help please send help!??????


britt - April 3

did you take a pregnancy test?


Caitlin - April 7

When did you fined out that she might be pregnant. How old are you and how long has she been showing sighns of being preg. Here is my email so you can wright back [email protected]


Kie - April 18

i'm in the same kind of problem i think my girlfriend may be pregnant we also have always been safe but something feels wrong.the other day i made her take a test and it shows she wasnt but not yet has she started her period,its the worst feeling in the world i'm so worried bout us,her,me n if there is a child i'm worried for it 2


Niki - April 19

If I were you I would have her take a preg test. but thier are other things that may be causing her to miss period. stress, weight gain, going on some kind of birth control. I know your both young. I understand but dont worry to much .


Mel - April 20

If you have always used a condom, then that shouldnt be a problem. I defiently think that you need to have her take a pregnancy test


shantel - May 8

well i was on my period last month but see recentl ive been throwing up ocasionally and ive been having lots of pain and when i go to the bath room it hurts and blood comes out what is goin on with me?


felicia - May 12

first off..SHES NOT GOING TO DIE!lol..this is why teens shouldnt engagae in all this. if you think shes about todie just cuz you s_xed her up, you need to not ever quit going to school. second, if it bothers you guys both so much, go get a test at the store and take it. and by the way, if she is in fact 14, her periods arent gonna be regular every month. they can happen at different times every month for a long long time, like mine. im 18 and they still are at diffferent times. good luck


Martinez - May 16

hey dont worry my girlfriend is pregant and i went and got her a test adn now our baby is due in october so just go and get her a test their only 13 dollars good luck write me and tell me what happens [email protected]


Cory - May 16

Hey dont worry so much if you guys used a condom. Im 14 and im pregnet, but my parents dont know. First of all you should go get her a preg test. Dont worry if her period is iregular. If she's 14 then her period is always gonna be messed up. Dont worry about that though. And really dont stress urself out calm down. The best thing to do is buy her a preg test alright.


shelaine - May 20

I would take her to the doctor. It is important that she finds out if she is


louise - May 24

first you have to calm down. She could well be pregnant, if she is you shouldnt panic. Remember to stay calm and let her know your there. Go with her to the doctors, get it properly checked out! You'll both be fine and no she wont die! Lou x


Gem - May 27

Email me on [email protected] iv got qulifications and have alot experience. I promise you she will not die. The first thing you need to do is get a preganncy test. Either way go and see your GP they give complete confidentialty. Im worried taht yor girlfriend is being sick. It does not mean sher is deffintly pregnat but there could be something else wrong. Please get in conntact and i will help you through out. Stand by her and give her support. Hope to hear from you.


Andrew - May 30

Is my girlfriend pregnant?


seen it all before - June 4

Honestly if you used a condom then you shouldnt have anything to worry about. Now im 16 and ive heard the same situation a million times before. The girl calls and says she skipped her period then it turns out she has it like a week later, but to be safe jus get a pregnacy test. But as far as her dying dont worry at all about that you dont die from getting prenent in fact its the total opposite shes going to give life. But if you dont want a baby theres always birth control pills and abortions or adoption if you dont want to kill the baby


Marie - June 7

If you used a condom and it didn't break then she shouldn't be pregnant. If she is still getting her period then she is most likely not pregnant because usually a pregnant woman will not get her period until later after the baby is born.You two are awfully young to even be having s_x.


kay - June 7

didnt anyone ever tell you that condoms dont always work, and 2, you probobly didnt put it on right in the first place.



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