Is My Son Retarded

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Leslie - August 19

Well, I'm 15, and i have a two and a half week old son named Dylan. Well, when I was pregnant with him, i didn't really know at first because i didn't really have morning sickness,or really get tired and stuff like that. Plus, I still had my period. I just thought I was getting fat until I felt him kick. Well, I keep hearing all these stories about how babies cry all the time, and they're really hard to take care of, but not for me. He rarely cries. He mostly sleeps until I feed him, or change him. I've taken him to like, 3 doctors, including my uncle that's one, but they all say that he's fine and that there are some babies that dont yell and scream all the time and that I'm one of the lucky ones. Are they lying, or am i just paranoid because I'm a mother(Mother!!!)? Or, could they really be lying because they don't know what's wrong with him. He doesn't look retarded or cross eyed or anything.


karine - August 19

Your baby is fine. And even if your baby had something like that....i dont think that they can tell before they are atleast 12month old....just enjoy your time with your som...and the time that he isnt crying..and time will tell


You Are Lucky! - August 19

My mom always tells me how lucky she was to have me, because I never cried either. Don't worry about it, enjoy it! If the symptoms get worse, or something else comes up, take him back to the doctor.


Shannon - August 19

He's fine. I had 1 like that she's 7 1/2 now, in second grade and makes all A's!! Good luck.


Hello - August 19

He is fine. I have a 15 month old who never really cried. He is very laid back and happy. Sounds like you are a worried parent. I wouldn't worry. Enjoy him!! They grow up so fast. Take care!!!


gem - August 19

did you eat chocolate a lot when you were preggers? I heard that will make you have a baby that barely cries. You're lucky my son had colic everynight until he was almost 8mo. I was going crazy. I didn't get more than 3/4hrs sleep at once for one year.


zoe - August 20

i bet he's just one of those really quiet babies. i was the same way. good luck if youre that worried, get him checked agian


Lee - August 31

Leslie, My first son slept throught the night from the very first night he was born. I was afraid to touch him in the morning because I thought he was dead. It seems silly now 17 yrs later, but don't be paranoid, just feel lucky, the next child might not be so easy.


politically correct - August 31

Please do not use the word retarded, either say mentally handicapped, or mentally disabled.


Shawna Joy - August 31

Hi Leslie! It does sound like your son is healthy. It's really hard to tell if a child is brain damages/retarded really until they are around 4 and 5. Here is some excellent information I found in a book. I list the name lower down in this post. I'm just going to list the info for infants 0-3 months but it covers a lot older too. *1. Baby's Physical Development - your baby's weight will double by the 4th month, *If your baby looks healthy overall, he probably is. Don't be obsessive about weighing him as long as he appears to be in good physical shape and development. Make sure he's producing 8-12 wet diapers a day. 2-3 months, your baby may lift his head (gross motor skills=large muscles, he can strengthen on his stomach) from the floor while lying on his stomach. Lislie you can teach him by laying down next to him and showing him a toy and encouraging him to lift his head. You can start by getting him to follow the toy with his eyes up and down, back and forth and then go up a little higher that may help him move his head more. (Fine Motor Skills-small muscles, he can strengthen on his back) -- 1-3 months -- you can place a colorful toy in your baby's vision range, about 12 inches away and watch him try and grasp it. Place him on his back and he will wave at the object/toy to try. His first goal would be to touch it and you can teach him to grab it. *When he learns to grasp things, he will then learn by putting them in his mouth. He learns taste, size temperature, softness, texture, and so on. Make she that he does not put small objects that could fit in a toilet paper roll in his mouth, because these are choking hazards! This is on page 220 of the book and it's just plane cute. You can play these games/activities with your baby. *Give him a baby ma__sage! *Play Tootsie Roll by laying him on a blanket and helping him roll over! *Play Boat Ride by placing him on a blanket or towel and pulling him around the room! *Play Sponge by having your baby squeeze a sponge! *Play laundry by letting your baby climb around in the laundry pile to experience various textures, colors, and fabrics. (Remember to monitor your baby during all games.) You can do the *Tunnel Crawl a little later by cutting off the ends of a cardboard box and encouraging your baby to crawl through. And last one, you could play *Baby Ball by placing him on a his stomach on a large beach ball, and gently rolling him around while holding his hands. *2. Baby's Cognitive Development (this is where any retarded/brain damages issues would fall) = Leslie here are some things you can do to test and strengthen his cognitive development! Talk to him a lot! AND use facial expression! Lost of smiles, eyebrow raises, use your hand while you talk, touch him softly while you talk to him, ect. *Help him use his senses by exploring his environment with him. Say the words for objects. Try and help your baby with memory, by showing him a toy and then show him it again a few minutes later to see if he responds to it. A few minutes can graduate to hours then days. READ to your baby!!! Cause & Effect - push a b___ton on a toy and it makes a sound, squish a stuffy and it's leg crackles or rattles. ***You are the best plaything for your baby. You stimulate his senses and increase his cognitive development through frequent interaction. ***Language Milestones = at birth cry and imitate your facial expressions. Leslie, make faces to him and watch him copy you! 1-2 months = your baby should be cooing, fussing, laughing, and crying. You can make funny noises for him to copy and you can even copy his noises! Babies love baby talk and it's fun for parents too = babies prefer high-pitched voices, varied intonation, short simple sentences, repet_tion, questions, simple commands, facial expression, and body language! Here are some Baby Games: *Peek-a-Boo, cover your face with a cloth and say, "Where's mommy?" then remove the cloth and watch his face light up! *Pat-a-Cake, by gently touching your baby's hands or feet in rhythm or while singing him a song. *Where's-a-Baby's-Toy, hid a toy under a cloth, then ask your baby where is the toy. Wait a few seconds then pull the cloth off and show him the toy, repeat this several times. *Mouth Music - make funny sounds with your mouth and repeat over and over so your baby can learn to. *Rattles-on-His-Toes, attach a wrist rattle to his wrist or ankle and let him try to find the sound and make the sound. *Play Puppet, use puppets or finger puppets to talk to your baby. *What Happened?, build a soft block tower and let him knock it over, or you knock it over at the beginning. *Baby's Body - hold your baby and look in the mirror and say, "where is HIS NAME's nose?" Repeat and add other body parts. *Bang-a-Drum, give your baby a toy rattle/wooden stick and let him bang of some pans or plastic bowls. *3. Baby's Emotional Development - cuddling, holding, and nurturing your baby are just as important as feeding, changing, and clothing him. ***Ways to Cuddle = wear your baby in a front pack or sling, place baby in lap, rock baby, dance with him, lie in bed with baby on your chest, ma__sage, hold close to face and sing to him, snuggle together in a blanket, let your baby play with your hair, take your baby in the bath with you (since you are a younger mom, be very careful with this, you have to watch him constantly so that he doesn't go under the water or get burned by water that is too hot), give him lots of kisses on his face, head, arms, legs, tummy, back, hands, and feet! The book also covers Psychological and Social Development but I think the first 3 are plenty to get started with! ***Leslie this information is from a small book I found at Ross for like $5.00. It's t_tled 365 Baby Care Tips: Helpful Hints for the first year. It list the 365 topics in the first few pages, so you find them easy and it's little paragraphs on each one, so very easy to read and understand.


Lisa - August 31

If you have any doubts about your son's development, keep a diary and write down any concerns you may have. I wouldn't worry too much at such a young age, but if you feel that he isn't developing at the appropriate age, then you can have him a__sessed by the time he is one. Enjoy being a mum.


carly - September 1

lol, maybe he is


Mel - September 1

No, you're just very lucky!


D - September 1

your lucky to have a baby like that. my friend had a baby at 16 and he only crys when he hungry or sleepy, good luck


to politically correct - September 8

Leslie wasn't using the term "retarded" in a degrading way, she was being sincere in her question. Also...mental retardation is a medical term and there is nothing wrong with using it unless for mocking, teasing, or degrading purposes......



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