Is She Lying

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Hayley - December 19

I am 15 and found out I was pregnant 3 weeks ago. I'm about 9 weeks now. I've told my parents and we've had talks and stuff and have decided to keep the baby. My boyfriend is supportive and we do love each other. The problem is theres this girl at school that has a crush on him and when she found out I was having his baby she came to me screaming and shouting and told me she was having his baby too! He swears its not true and if she is pregnant its nothing to do with him. I dont know what to do. She has made up stuff before and tried to split us up but we found out she was def lying. I dont know what Id do if this was true. I love him so much but I just couldnt be with him if this is true and its causing arguments. Is there any way to find out if shes preg? I got a preg test and told her to do it in front of me to prove it but she wouldnt. I think shes lying but I cant be 100% sure and its really stressing me and him out. What should I do?


t - December 19

Have your parents talk to her parents. Between them, the truth should come out one way or another. You can also tell your high school counselor that you are being harra__sed and get this girl out of your hair. It seems to me if she was really pregnant she would have been OK with taking a test in front of you, but that's just my opinion. If I were you I would believe your boyfriend until he gives you reason not to. This other girl sounds really immature to me. Ignore her, and talk to your parents. If she's lying that is the fastest way to get rid of her! Good luck and let us know how it works out.


Ann - December 19

It sounds to me like she is really jelous of you because your pregnant with her crushes baby. I agree with t just ignore her. She is just trying to start a bunch of drama. I hope you get this taken care of soon, before it gets worse. Congrats on the pregnancy. and good luck! Take care. Love, Ann.



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