Is She Pregnant Or What

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mike - May 5

ok so my girl claims that shes 4-5 months pregnant.she isnt showing yet but when she sits down her stomach is bigger and is round and her stomach is hard but when she stands up her stomach is flat? what could this be someone please reply.i want to take her to an ultrasound but i dont know of any clinics that have an U/S machine someone please help


Grandpa Viv - May 5

Have her take a home pregnancy test. You can get them at Walmart or the Dollar Store or any pharmacy.


Audrey - May 5

Mike- Most hospitals have an ultrasound machine, but you might have to get an appointment. Is your gf seeing a doctor/gynecologist? She should if she's as far along as she says, because it's important for her baby's health.


mike - May 5

well she told me that last time she went to the check up that the doctor said shes about 4-5 months?


mike - May 5

is there a way though for me to like see if she is like feel on her stomach or anything?and yea imma buy her a pregnancy test and take her to the clinic myself


Cara - May 7

ask to go with her to her next check up, it she is really pregnant than she shouldnt mind you going. her OB should have an ultrasound machine right there and she should have already had one or be having one soon...also her doc. wouldnt say that she is just 4-5mo they woul have given her a due date and be telling her how many weeks she it. It is possible for her stomach to be almost flat when standing but bulge a little while sitting. that is the way mine was for a long while. Is she tall? That is a general reason for the stomach thing. Depending on how far along she is you might be able to feel movements. she would have to be over 1/2 way through her pregnancy though. check and see if there are any emergancy pregnancy clincs in your area or try you local health services b/c they do blood pregnancy tests and will refer you to a clinic. good luck!


candy - May 7

if she was 4 or 5 months along then u would be able to feel the top of her do this carefully place ur palm on her tummy and (it should be about the top of her belly b___ton or right below it...)it will feel like a hard round stoppin point...if u dont feel this and her abodomen is soft then i would bet she isnt preg.... good luck..



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