Is That Feeling In My Tummy My Baby

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Maddie - October 24

So im 18 weeks today ( YAY ) and i was wondering when you feel the baby move and kick and if you could describe to me what it felt like and what your reactions were when you first felt your baby moveing around. sometimes i think i feel the baby kick or move or something but i wasnt sure if its too soon and im just getting my hopes up because it happends a lot now. please give me so feedback


unkown - October 24

Hey, its not too soon for you to be feeling your baby kick, you can usually feel your baby as early as 4 months.


:) - October 25

i was 18 weeks when i first realised i could feel my baby. i know this is gross but it kinda feels like gas at first. like you think your going to fart or something. i remember also thinking that my lunch was re-aranging itself and getting ready to come back up. then i just sort of realised, "wow ive felt this before!" it wasnt untill about 20 weeks that i could feel the baby with my hand on the outside though. to be honest i dont think being pregnant really "hit" me untill i felt him/her move! its unbelievable!


Maddie - October 25

yeah like now it has hit me im like wow im gunna have a baby. when i was in dance cla__s i had the feeling a lot and at night i do too.


??? - October 25

Maddie Congratulations on your pregnancy! I'm guessing your happy about it because you said " YAY!" I was just curious about your age... it doesnt really matter I was just going to say that if you are a young teen that I'm glad you chose to keep your baby, I dont know your situation if you planned your pregnancy. I just wanted to say that its nice to see someone that is happy about their pregnancy, I only say this cause it sad to see so many people on this forum discussing the option of abortion. I uderstand that it is an option and that people have a right to discuss it on this forum I am just happy to see that you chose to give you baby a chance at life.Children are a wonderful gift from God. Stay strong and have faith in yourself and you and your baby will do well. Isn't it amazing the feeling of your baby moving and growing inside of you! Congratulations again.


Maddie - October 26

well im 17 years old. i will be 18 in 2 months and i am a senior in high school but i am graduating mid december. yeah im excited about my pregnancy because i know i can do it. my boyfriend supports me in everyway and i am happy that its him i am having this child with.


sam - October 26

I first felt my baby at around 18 weeks. Just subtle at first. But later on - OUCH!!!


Helpful - October 27

Congrats on your pregnancy, and feeling your baby is one of the most amazing things that can ever be!! Take care of yourself and if you have any questions, I would be happy to do my best to answer them!



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