Is The Preg Test Accurate All The Time

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SmS - February 7

I'm 2 months late now! and i'm not really having ne symptoms except for some sickness from time to time and my lower stomach is bloated a little (just like b4 my period) i didn't gain ne extra pounds yet!! i'm very stressed, i've been thinkin about this a LOT.. I have PCOS syndrome and i don't know if it's bcuz of that or not. I just had a clear blue preg.test and it came neg.!! my bf is so happy about it but i'm STILL worried!! could i be sure with that test? it's not early to tell if i'm preg. or not, i mean i'm 2 months late so i think if i'm preg. it would be positive, would it??? plz help P.S: me and my bf didn't really have, he didn't enter me at ALL.. but i'm not sure about the c_m near the va___a!!!!! plz help me with ur opinion.. thanx a ton..


Hayley - February 7

I think there's little chance really of being pregnant. PCOS can make you skip periods so its probably just that. Are you getting treatment for it? You can get false negatives but I think the facts that you have PCOS, didn't have intercourse and aren't having any symptoms show that you very likely aren't pregnant. Try not to worry to much, try and keep calm. Easier said than done I know, and for extra peace of mind get a blood test done at the doctors as these can be a lot more accurate. Good luck


SmS - February 8

I really hope ur right! I don't think i can get a blood test soon! but can i do another clear blue test after like 3 days like it says on the packet???


To SmS - February 8

Yes, you can take another test in three days, but you might want to wait a week to give your hormone levels a chance to peak...which they would do if you were pregnant. I really don't think you are pregnant though.


kayleigh-Jayne - February 8

i know a few people that have Pcos, and they skip periods alot, their doctors have put them on the pill to regulate their periods... if you are concerned visit you doctor! good luck XX


SmS - February 11

I don't know if i'm having illusions or it's pregnancy, my bf says that if i'm pregnant in the third month now my stomach will be very big and every1 would tell that i'm pregnant esp. my mom here! if the 2nd preg. test said that i'm not, should i forget all about it?? or should i go to the doctor to check and really know? by the way, my belly is hard when i touch it, is that a symptom??????


Hi - February 11

Hi Honey, I would like to know a little more about the time you had s_x etc... ther's a lot more to making a baby than you think. You most certainly have to be ovulating (about 14 days before your next due period) read up on the signs of pregnancy part of this forum and then get back to us sweetie.


HappyMummy2Be - February 19




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