Is There A Downside To This

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amanda17 - May 9

A girl at my work just gave her two weeks notice because she's moving to a different state. She works in the obstetrics office and does basically the same thing I do... signs people in. The one thing she does that I don't do is she makes appointments for the doctor she works with... something I'm apparently unqualified for. Well my boss really likes me and she wants me to apply for the job.. I told her I don't have enough experience for it so she wants to forge my resume.... It sounds really sneaky and dishonest but... Should I go for it anyway? What's the downside to it? The ups would be not only higher pay, but I'd be thrilled doing it. It's closer to where my goals are and the hours are better.... I dunno... what would happen if they found out? Is there even a possibility they would?


Krissy25 - May 10

Honestly i don't think that is necessary for her to forge your resume. If she believes you are a good employee, and you can do those tasks as long as someone can teach you, all she really needs to do is put in a good word for an let the hiring manager know you would be the right person for that job. I work in a doctors office myself and truthfully so much of that kind of stuff can be learned and since everyone has a different way of doing things it really doesn't matter if someone has the experience because they will still have to be trained to do it their way. When someone is hiring they would much rather know they are hiring a reliable, dependable, punctual person who has the capability to learn new things than someone who has the experience but is unknown what kind of employee they are. I don't know what kind of forging this person is planning on doing and i'm guessing she believes a little white lie won't hurt anything and maybe she is right, but worst case senerio you could both lose your jobs and you wouldn't be able to use that place as referance


amanda17 - May 10

Yeah, I figured it was a bad idea. I'm going to tell her tomorrow that I'm uncomfortable with it. I'm still going to apply for the position.. the worst they can do is tell me no. Besides I think I've got a pretty good shot since I know most of the people who work in the hospital, I get along great with everyone and my job is really similar to it. Thanks for your advice Krissy.


bellybubble - May 13

I agree amanda - do it your way - its too much of a risk of getting caught out and like you say the worst that can happen is you dont get the job - and it sounds like you are in with a chance anyway :)


amanda17 - May 14

Welp I told her. She seemed kinda proud of me haha. Maybe she was testing me O_O Anyway I just went in her office and told her I didn't feel uncomfortable with it etc etc... and she gave me a little smile and gestured me to go. I was kinda stressing out because I've never had to say no to her before haha.



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