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girl91 - February 22

My boyfriend and I have s_x frequently and we don't use protection. We practice the pull out method. He sometimes doesn't pee or nothing after c_ming and then we'll get "back at it". I usually get my period around this time of month but I haven't got it yet and I've had a few pregnancy symptoms like tender br___ts...fatigue...frequent urination...mood swings...and I was just wondering is there a possibility I could be pregnant?


newbaby2009 - February 23

oh my...


amanda17 - February 23

Um... yes...


Grandpa Viv - February 23

More like a probability. Congratulations! Mark Nov 1st 2009 on your calendar, go buy a couple of Dollar Store preg tests, and some prenatal vitamins. Good luck!


tertarp - February 23

okk...well the symptoms are definately those of pregnancy...i had them all when i was pregnant...i just thought i was sick or something...i would take a could just be in your head too i worried so many times about being pregnant before i was that i stressed out so much that my period was late and i would get really does seem like you might be pregnant though...have it checked out!!! good luck!!! hope everything goes well =)


Brenna - February 23

Uh,gee you think?I am 38 1/2 weeks pregnant with my second child,who was conceived from prec_m/the" pull out " method.I was also using the rythym method and I have always been careful to write down every detail of my cycle.....I still got pregnant.Fortunately,I am happily married to a hardworking man who supports me,so it wasn't a big deal.Why don't you use protection?You could easily get on the pill or use condoms(or both)and save yourself a lot of trouble.You should take a test. p.s. you are leaving yourself wide open for STDs,hpv and cervical cancer by having unprotected s_x.


amanda17 - February 24

Congrats on making it to the full term range Brenna. Going through the "any minute now" phase yet? :)


girl91 - February 24

thanks you guys so much...I really appreciate your honesty :-D


Brenna - February 27

Yeah,I have finally made it,39 weeks now,but it is so frustrating because I didn't have my daughter until 41 wks and 5 days so I could still have another 3 weeks to go,I was induced with her and even though I have said all along I wasn't doing it again,my resolve is crumbling.I am going to the doctor on Monday and I'm going to ask if I can be induced later on in the week.I am so uncomfortable,I don't think I can stand to go past my due date again. I can't wait to meet my new little him/her.


amanda17 - February 27

Pregnancy is funny, I knew toward the end of my pregnancy that I was uncomfortable, but for the life of me I can't remember what was making me so uncomfortable. All the pressure on the muscles and organs I guess. I hope your little one comes soon :) Good for you for waiting to find out the s_x, I was so impatient I probably couldn't have done it haha


Mandaburr - March 1

Lol. No offense or anything. But the pull out method isnt very effective. Ive gotten pregnant off of that.



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