Is There A Test That Can Tell If You Are Sexually Active

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noname - November 6

my parents are making me go to a gyno to take a test to see if i am s_xually active


me - November 6

yes they can. if you wouldn't mind embarrasing yourself, you could always blame a s_x toy lol. just make sure you use condoms and get on birth control.


hey - November 7

tel them that u do sports when u do sports its very hard for them to tell


noname - November 7

what tests? do they check for the hymen?


me - November 7

the doc. can tell if u have a ripped hymen, i think thats the only test they can do., but arent u pregnannt now?


um - November 7

The gyn can probably tell. What is your story (if you don't mind)?


Jbear - November 7

The only way the doctor can tell if you're s_xually active is if you are pregnant or have a std. Some women are born without a hymen, and some have a big enough hole in the hymen that it doesn't need to tear to accomodate s_x. Also, you can break your hymen riding a horse or a bike, doing gymnastics or inserting a tampon. Your hymen could also be torn during a pelvic exam. Also, it's possible to break it with a finger. So, the presence or absence of a hymen does not tell the doctor whether or not you've had s_x. I'm wondering, are your parents taking you to the doctor because they think you're s_xually active and want to punish you for it, or because they think you're s_xually active and they want you to get birth control or tested for std's? I'm asking because once you start having s_x, you need to see the gynocologist once a year, and for you to recieve the best care possible, your doctor needs to know you're s_xually active. So if your parents are taking you to the doctor because they're worried about your health, you should be honest with the doctor. But if they're taking you just to find out if you're having s_x, that is a real invasion of your privacy, and I think lying to the doctor would be justified. Also, you don't have to let your mom go into the examining room with you if you don't want to. Whether the doctor is male or female, there will be a nurse present when you are examined. If you can't tell the doctor you're s_xually active, you should see another doctor later on, without your parents, for birth control. (A public health clinic or planned parenthood provides low-cost services for teens, without your parents' knowledge)


noname - November 7

thnx jbear


Bonnie - November 7

JBear is correct. Also, the doctor cannot tell your parents anything you do not want him/her to do. It's called patient confidentiality.


WRONG!!! - November 7

a doctor can tell if you have been s_xually active!! They don't just look for the hymen because if you use tampons this can cause that to tear. However, a doctor can tell if there has been stimulation to the v____a. That is what they do during rape kits-especially if they are unable to collect a specimen-sperm-by the rapist the can tell if thre has been penetration to the v____a. But, you need to be honest-get some birth control-tell them that you want to be responsible just in case.


CAROL - November 7

You have creepy folks. Most parents are in denial about the whole "is my teen having s_x" deal and pretend it doesn't happen. The only time they face it is when their children HAVE children.


to wrong - November 7

they are looking for tearing caused by forceful penetration which DOES heal so unless you JUST had s_x the dr can not tell. Jbear and bonnie are correct. Jbear u still rock in my book chick!


It's not creepy - November 7

Thats not creepy.It's called being a responsible parent.I understand why your not confortible with it but one day you will.Can they tell?I really don't know.


It's not creepy - November 7

Most of us would not have gotten preg if our parents did this.


Bonnie - November 7

IMO, it IS creepy. I have a 12 year-old daughter and no way would I ever do something like this to her. I prefer to talk with my kids. Hopefully she will make the choice to wait, but if not...I would gladly go down and get her b/c. Luckily at this age she still thinks kissing boys is gross. Hopefully she will think that way until she is 18! :D But if not, I will always be there for her.


CAROL - November 8

There's the denialI was talking about.Most 12 year old girls wouldn't tell their parents if they were having s_x.


Bonnie - November 8

It's not denial Carol. Most parents don't talk to their kids. I would never let a 12 year old out by herself at that age regardless. Just because you felt the need to get pregnant at a young age does not mean every kid is stupid enough to do the same thing.



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