Is There A Test That Can Tell If You Are Sexually Active

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Jbear - November 10

Congratulations! I'm jealous, you get to do the third trimester in the cold weather. I was miserable this summer. She's a little doll baby, though...I was really depressed after my first, so I missed out on noticing all that baby cuteness. Do you know what you're having yet?


Natalie - November 10

to Wrong - If you are a nurse, you above all people should know that yes, they can tell if you have had s_x recently. only in a forceful situation though. why do you think doctors want to examine rapist victims as soon as they possibly can. because the evidence fades so quickly. that area is one of the quickest in the human body to heal, and most rape victims actually have damage to that area. if you have had s_xwith a partner, unforced, and wasnt in the last week or so, it will be almost impossible for a doctor to tell if you are s_xually active, unless you are pregnant, when the cervix changes appearence.


Bonnie - November 10

Yeah, I'm having a boy. :D DH and I can't find a name we like though so that should be interesting. I'm quite glad as well it will be in the winter, it must be awful when you are hot all the time.


Jbear - November 10

We didn't find out we were having a girl until 32 weeks. We had picked out Dominic or Alex for boy's names. I didn't mind another girl, though, and I had my tubes tied (and now my FIL can't nag me about trying for a boy).


? - November 10

If she is wants to know if her perents can find out if she had s_x.It makes me think she has somthing to hide.If she is having unprotected s_x then they are on the right track.For all we know she could be showing signs of early pregnancy and refusing to take a test.Wouldn't you want your child have a healthy baby even if it means your a creepy parent.Before we judge we need to know more


Lisa - November 10

I have 3 teenage daughters and it never once occurred to me that i should take them for any test of any kind. My eldest daughter was very open about taking birth control and discussed it with me first. I was glad she felt she could talk to me about it. As a mum I have always been very open about the subject of s_x, drugs, boys etc.


jane - November 10

Glad to hear it.Wish more were like you.On that note wish more teens were like your.



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