Is This A False Negative HPT

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Shaunta3 - October 8

I did a HPT yesterday. I got it at the Dollar Store at the time it took to work it was negative. Ten minutes later it was positive. I did not get my period it was due the last week of Septmber. Near the middle of September I had unprotected s_x three times with my BF. I give him my virginity in June and we had protected s_x all summer. I have the Pill but can't start it until I geet my period. I have been having trouble getting up for school in the morning and nausous in the morning for two weeks not throwing upjust not hungry for breakfast. Can't get enough to eat at lunch time


BouncingBabyBoy - October 8

How old are you? My be you should talk to your mom or if you are over 18 go to your doctor.


Shaunta3 - October 8

Bouncing Baby Boy I will be 14 on November 3rd. To young for a baby but s_x sure is fun!


inuk-mama - October 8

wow! S_x is fun but too young for a baby?? I'd say you are too young for any of it! That's dumb. if you're old enough to do it, then you better be ready to accept the responsibility that comes with it! Grow up and stop having s_x already!


erenimi - October 8

Sounds like you're pregnant to me. You should talk to your mother, or at least visit a planned parenthood for a pregnancy test and advice on what your next step would be.


BouncingBabyBoy - October 9

Talk to your mom.....She'll help you


ChattyKathy - October 9

You only have a certain amount of time to look at the answer window before the results become invalid. There are things called evap lines that can appear later on and you'll think its a positive when its really not. Try a more expensive test (Answer is fairly cheap but its a better quality than dollar store tests) and take that. Dollar tests tend to be not quite as accurate all of the time and have a lot of evap errors due to the quality of the dye used for the tests. Try Answer and report back.


Sarie - October 10

s_x is not fun at your age! I think most of us can admit to that. No boy knows what the hell he is doing, and all he wants is to get his rocks off. You aren't even waht he want... just a live body. You need to seriously rethink your relationship. A boy that really was interested in YOU (NOT YOUR BODY) would be holding off until you two were more mature to handle things. I would not buy a pregnancy test at a Dollar Store, however, store brand tests are still inexpensive and are very accurate. Also, for sure planned parenthood will do a test, they may even do a blood test as well for you and give you advice on relationships, s_x and self-worth. Please consider your future. You have one!


Shaunta3 - October 10

Bf got me an EPT on the way home from school this afternoon. I do it tomarrow morning when I get to school. Tired all the time b___bs are tender and I still am nausous in the morning. BF thinks it kind a cool that he got me pregnant(Maybe) he told me if i not he will keep trying until I am!


erenimi - October 11

I agree with Gimmeabub.Being a mom is the number one hardest job you will ever have. There are no breaks, it is 24 hours. If baby is sick at 2 a.m. and needs you to be with them untill 7, then weather you have school in the morning or not, baby comes first. Baby needs diapers, formula, new clothes ever couple months, bottles, so, so much more. Where do you think that money comes from? You're new clothes, eating out, going to the movies money. Brand new babys are up every 2-3 hours at night. Just because you're tierd, or have things to do in the morning, does not mean you can ignore them. You get up, you take care of your baby, and you just live an exhausted life for a while. All of this is if you have a healthy baby too. There is a chance you won't. How will you pay medical bills? Its very, very hard. If you already are pregnant, then so be it, make the best of it, do what you must, but if you aren't, don't throw your freedom away so young. You have no idea how much you'll miss it.


Zeelful - October 11

If this is true - What a stupid silly little girl you are. Get a grip of yourself. If it isnt true (which I lean more to) then you are even sillier.


BouncingBabyBoy - October 11

Nicely said Gimmeabub


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - October 13

I'm 19, got married at 18...soon after found out I was pregnant. We have our own cars, our own place, our own insurance and NO government a__sistance AT ALL. We do it all on our own. We can make a living yes, but some months its hard. Not for our daughter but for us. She comes first in EVERYTHING. If I need a jacket since its getting cold and then see that DD is out of something, we run straight out and get her what she needs first. DH and I don't get anything much anymore. She needs blankets and clothes, we are just lucky that she is one of few babies who can actually stil wear newborn clothes and she is a month an a half. Most babies can't stay in newborns for longer then a few weeks because they grow so quick, so her being small saves us time. I am exhausted, she wakes up every two hours to eat and sometimes she has really late nights or really early mornings. We found out she is colic, which means she has a stomach ache just about 24 hours a day. So when she is up she is crying, but she has mild colic, what will you do if yours has full b__wn colic, or autism, or has something like down syndrome? How will you handle that? I can tell you now, the guy you are with couldnt handle all the crying that comes with having a colic baby. But I am 19 and alot older then you and am more set then you are in life. A baby don't ruin your life, because babies aren't a burden, but I will say anything you want to do is put on hold for a LONG time. Then you will have to be in school. You are going to be so tired having to stay up all night if your child is sick, or are you going to do what most teens do who give pregnant teens a bad name and leave the baby with someone else well you live your life and have someone else devote their time with the child you made. There are alot of teens who are great moms, but I will say not many 14 year olds have proved 14 I didn't even kiss a guy. I can't believe you are having s_x. Its not a doll, babies are real living breathing babies who depend on you FULLY, can you devote your life to a baby? Boyfriend time will go down hill as well


Shaunta3 - October 21

It's not negative any more. I'm pregnant


tish212 - October 21

being how this girl is paying no attention to anything anyone has said I'm gonna say this is a fake follows the pattern they all have poorly written....iggnorant....and they never respond to what others have said unless its positive.. the sad thing is these fake posts take attention away from girls who really are looking for help...and the statement s_x is fun... I was having s_x at 14 and never did I call it fun... I didn't understand didn't feel good...and no guy willing to have s_x with a 14yr old knows what he's doing. and to say he is excited u might be pregnant or he is gonna keep trying until u r is foolish... u have no idea what having a baby means. trying to give u an idea of how it is by writing it doesn't even scratch the surface. if this is a fake post (which I'm sure it is) quit being selfish and leave these posts for real girls looking for help...if this is real... I feel sorry that ur child is being brought into this world by such an iggnorant child who can even speak in proper grammer....stay in school and get an education and keep ur legs closed until ur mature enough to speak proper english...these posts sadden me....



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