Is This A Sign Of Pregnancy Or What

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Nikla - November 18

well, last month i had unprotected s_x and my period came 2 days early and they were really light, then everything was fine but now what i get in from school i just feel exhausted and don't feel hunary well i think about food but when i go to eat it i feel sick and don't want it and i just feel i could cry some times and i just wanted to know what yous think yous'll know more than me. thank a lot


CAROL - November 18

You should take a pee test. We can't know whether or not you are pregnant, but if you had unprotected s_x, you certainly could be. So take a test, and go from there. Peace be with you.


Nikla - November 18

but i to scared to tell anyone i think i am and i'm asking yous what yous think i know i should take a test but i just want to know what yous think is this a sign of pregnancy or not ! Thanks


Jbear - November 18

Yes, it sounds like you might be pregnant. You also might be stressed out, or coming down with a stomach's really hard to guess, because not all pregnant women have the same symptoms, and some pregnant women have no symptoms, and some symptoms of pregnancy are also symptoms of other things. You're going to hear the same advice from everyone here...take a test. No one has to know, just go to the store, buy one and take it in the bathroom there. Throw it out when you're done, and no one will ever know you took one.


Grandpa Viv - November 18

An early and light period, fatigue, emotional, appet_te changes are enough early signs to justify a test. Take one tomorrow first pee in the morning. Good luck!


Nikla - November 18

thanks everyone i'll test tomorrow and keep yous updated but tonight i have a really sore pain in my stomach it goes away if i push my belly out as far as it can go what do yous think


*X* - November 18

Definitely do the test. Your symptoms are enough to make one suspcious, so better to test than ignore them. By the way, the plural of 'you' is 'you', not 'yous'.


Nikla - November 21

well the test came back negative but i keep getting a sore stomach not cramp just a sore pain sometimes it only lasts for aboot haf an hour at a time though what do you think? is the test wrong should i test again?


Sarah - November 21

I've been having all of the signs of pregnancy also. My dad bought me a pregnancy test, but it came out negative. I still feel like I may be pregnant. I am experiencing fatigue, loss of appet_te, constant naseau/vomiting, soar stomach, frequent low fever and a few days after my boyfriend and i had s_x i had a very light period. my stepmom and a few other women have told me the test may be wrong, and many of them told me that up until the day they were in labor or had sure signs of pregnancy the home pregnancy tests said they weren't pregnant. So is this true? Could I still be pregnant? Same with Nikla, could her test have been wrong too?



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