Is This Incest

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Carol - November 5

I have been having s_x with my step-brother. The male child of my step dad's first marrage so we are not really brother and sister. He is 19 and I am 14 1/2. I started taking the pill a year ago and I am ony my last package. He wants stop using the pill and have a baby.


come on - November 5

come on Carol-why are you always trying to stir things up?? you know what kind of responses you're going to get-why post that???


/ - November 5

This is not the real carol.The real carol was having s_x with her 15 y/o socalled boyfriend.I'm not a carol supporter but stating a fact.And yes inscest is two blood relitives having s_x.GROSS


. - November 5

No it is not incest because you are not blood related. You should probably let your parents know though.


for better or worse - November 5

no not incest and convenient too you don't have to go far to get laid but then if adam and eve are our foremost grandparents then I suppose its all incest ...I'm not teasing you I'm just a__suming that you have a low population where you are or live in a colony.


From Carol - November 5

He keeps telling me how cool it will be when our baby is growing inside me. However, I don't want a baby yet. However, he is the one that will need to take me to the clinic to get more pills. He know that I only have 2 weeks until i have taken them all. Yes it is convienet for him any afternoon he wants s_x he just waits until I come home from school and jumps on me.


n*tye - November 5

not incest but rape. if you have a baby he will go to jail because then there will be proof. him going to jail will also lead to your parents' divorce. then your mother will hate you for being a whore and getting pregnant by your brother because to her it will be incest if she really loves your step father and accepts his son as her own child. it is best that you keep that little secret between the two of you so no one gets hurt. depending on what kind of relationship you had prior to s_x it can be a little gross, sorry.


nikole - November 5

technically its not incest but who cares about technicalities. you should be ashamed of yourself for letting that grown a__s man take advantage of you. he should be at work or at school instead living off his daddy. then he has the nerve to have s_x with his baby sister. don't be stupid, little girl. having a baby will only complicate that little play world that you and he both are living in. *id slap him in the face*


Reply from Carol - November 5

Maybe I can get the pill from the school nurse. Do I neeed to tell her I am having s_x with. Some time s_x feels really good but I don't want a baby.


To Nikole from Carol - November 5

He goes to trade school and get home before me. He goes to school at 6:00 in the morning and then works until 2:00. So he is home when I get home. How can I tell him that I don't want a baby now.


Kaitlin - November 5

Not incest but is illegal and abuse. TELL SOMEONE


for better or worse - November 5

something doesn't sound right here and I didn't realize your age either . I'm guessing you two really didn't meet that long ago and since you two were under the same roof he saw opportunity and was probably a real gentleman to you kind sincere and listened to you . I'm not going to tell you to not have s_x of any kind like some clueless people here would or even that you shouldn't but I will say that refraining from getting preg is very very wise of you . Now concerning your step brother he obviously really adores you and most girls at 14 will take after the older man of 19 rather than their own age but trust me a 19 year male is not as mature as you think and he'll break your heart . One of you doesn't belong under that roof ...guess which one it is . What do think his friends would say if they knew he was screwing his 14 year old step sister ? I bet they'd punch him out ...think about it!


adult - November 5

Sort of by accident happened on this site - so there is no doubt - you are being used - rape comes to mind - but if you conceive and have a child - your child will be condemed to a life even worse than yours - please seek help - outside your family.


ummm - November 6

this is not incest. this is rape and having s_xual relations with a minor. hopefully he will be caught and sent to jail where he belongs.



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