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AddysMummy - April 16

I've spoken to my sisters step mother because I was fed up with everything she was doing ( she refused to pay a dime for the funeral, took donations from people to go towards the funeral but gave not a cent to my grandparents who paid the entire cost which is well over 10k. ) and I was told by her lawyer that I cannot speak to her via e-mail, phone, in person, third person, etc. And then I was told I was not to speak to RUTH who was my sisters psychologist now theirs. I KNOW it isn't legal for them to do, I just want to know what you think?


Krissy25 - April 16

Addy, do you know about how much money she collected? It may be worth contacting a lawyer for your grandparents to recover this money that was intended for the funeral, but if it wasnt that much (like just a few hundred dollars) i would let it go and try to get on with your life.


mama4andmore - April 17

It is fraud to collect monies for a certain causee and then not use the money for that purpose. Also she can stop you from contacting her and also the dr because of confidentiality and other rights. But if she collected money specifically for a furneral and didnt use it for that that is FRAUD


AddysMummy - April 17

No I mean visit her doctor as my doctor. I know THAT is not legal, for her to say "you can't see THIS therapist because Jade goes." But yeah, my grandparents are probably taking them to court because they have not paid a dime and I have proof ( in an e-mail ) of Bridget saying she WOULD and I have proof that people donated money so I'm going to bring that to their attention as well.


Krissy25 - April 17

Addy, unless this woman has a restraining order against you you can contact her. It sounds like she is just trying to scare you and your grandparents from suing her for the money. In my opinion if you decide to do this neither you or your grandparents should talk to her directly, this is where lawyers come in. But yeah if it is a siginifcant amount of money and you have some solid proof take her to court.


amanda17 - April 17

The nerve of some people!! Take her to court! That seriously makes me so angry... how selfish.


AddysMummy - April 17

I'm not speaking to the family or any of that, just perhaps that psychologist because she was first my sisters psychologist and knew her from when she was little before my sister pa__sed.


Teddyfinch - April 19

addy, you might make some calls to the irs to ask them about donations and the details on that. they love to snoop in stuff like that. and if she tries to hide it from them, well, they can probably make her more miserable than pretty much anyone ;-P anyway, though, good luck with this.



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