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Karrie - December 21

I am 17, will be 18 in April next year. Ever since I was 16 I wanted a baby BAD! I really want a girl. But I know that I am too young, not physically or emotionally fit, and that I still have my education to worry about. I am just wondering is it normal for me to want a baby this bad at this age? I have even tried to get pregnant a few times, but chickened out overall and used protection (thank goodness). Is there something wrong with me? Please help! Thanks.


Krista! - December 21

Maybe you just want someone to love you and rely on your love and well being and taking care of something that is a big important goal and thing! I would wait, because i am pregnant! and i dropped outta skool which i got my Ged and i am starting college next january! but, i would just wait! but like i said maybe you just want someone to rely on you and something to love you besides your family and ur boyfriend! You want something to call urs and say its Mine and not have to give it back or away! Its not like a stuffed animal or like a dog or cat! but wait if u have any other questions e-mail me at [email protected]! Good luck and keep me updated!


Karrie - December 21

Krista....Thanks for the advice! I actually don't have a bf at the current time....but when this feeling started coming around I did. I have heard before that it is probably that I want someone to love me, others say cause I want to love someone really bad, I am still a little confused, cause I could not figure out if this was a healthy thing to be thinking about and wanting a baby. Again thanks for you advice...I dropped outta high school in 10th grade and am studying for my GED....(because I had outta control panic attacks. They are under control now thanks goodness.) I hope I get that soon, anyhow... Congrats on your pregnancy. Bye.


Holy Smokes! - December 21

To Karrie...NO this is not normal....I dunno why you think you want a child but I guess it is because YOUR CRAZY!!!! Go to a mental hospital and get checked out! CRAZY LITTLE GIRL!


t - December 21

Karrie, personally I think a lot of it is hormonal. Almost every teenager I have met goes though this at about your age or even younger. It's not really healthy to obsess on it though, especially since you have another 20 years to get pregnant! If you can, talk to a counselor or go to Planned Parenthood, but do talk to someone. Chances are you will feel more "normal" when you have someone you can count on to listen to you.


Kim - December 21

I don't think you're wrong for thinking that you want a baby this early, but you can go ahead and take a chance IF you're financially ready and you have family support.


Grandpa Viv - December 21

Karrie, did you ever do counseling in enough depth to figure out where the panic attacks were coming from? I'm thinking they might have had something to do with fear of abandonment as a young child, and for you a baby is an attachment you feel you can rely on to love you and not to abandon you. Look forward to having a baby, but make sure you put it off until you are whole yourself.


Karrie - December 21

Thanks everyone. Like I said before I know that I am not fully ready yet...I know that I am still too young. Although I HAVE tried when I first turned 16, (almost 2 years ago) that phase only lasted about 2 months. That's why I don't have any biological children. I have a 3 year old God -Daughter named Celine though....(after Celine Dion). To Grandpa Viv I have lived with my dad my whole life since 2 months...and I was basically abandoned by my mother...and you may be right...I will talk to my counsler about that...I see her at least 2 times a month about my attacks. 2 main causes is stress, and they kinda run in the family (my dad has them too sometimes). Again thanks for the advice to those who have been nice. :)


NO NO NO! - December 22

Get on birth control!!! You are WAY TOO YOUNG, To even think about children! You have a LOT of growing up to do before you have babies.


Um...Uh... - December 23

What makes you think that you want a baby?


sarah - December 26

hey..yea it is VERY common... i wanted a baby SO bad... everyone thought i was crazy... but... right now i think i actually am pregnant...and as much as i really do and did want a baby...i know realize how not ready i am at 15 and am so scared so... please just be careful...having a baby can seem so great and IT IS...but wait till you are married and have support and a life already.... so you will be able to give you and your baby what they need...


Karrie - December 26

To :Sarah Thanks for the advice I do agree with you. That is why I have been saying that I KNOW that I am not ready...cause I am not. I hope everything works out great for you. I asked my question because where I live a lot of people seem to think your crazy if you want a baby at any I was just trying to figure out if it was normal or not...though the people in my town are kinda nutty thanks again to you and everyone else who has givin me great advice. to all you on here whom are pregnant (any age) congrats and I hope you have a healthy happy baby. Good Luck. Thanks again. :)


To : Karrie - December 27

Do wait. I believe that way of thinking for your age is pretty normal, no matter what anyone tells you. My guess it that you have a need to be a mother deep down inside you. It is a really good thing that you know that your not ready yet or else you would be in big trouble really quick. Good sounds like you do have a good head on your shoulders!


Name: - December 27

I would say yes this is normal, especially at your age. Like t said a lot of it is hormonal. I am really glad to read that you know your not ready yet. A lot of girls who want a baby like you do, don't think like that they a__sume they are ready and go and get themselves pregnant. Well good luck to you.


brittany - December 29

no no no no trust me there is nothing wrong with u u just want someone who u can love and they love u back thats all


Karrie - December 30

Thanks Brittany. I have read yours and all of the other post on here and that I think is the biggest reason why I feel I want a baby. Because I don't have a boyfriend...though looking...I really just want someone to love and to love me in return. I am not going to just run off and have a one night stand with a stranger to get pregnant though... I don't want to get pregnant, I do but I don't. I don't mainly cause I do have about 25 years left to have a baby so I figured it would be best for not just me, but my family, for me to wait to have a little baby. Plus I can't just go looking to get my gift from heaven...The big man has the say whether I REALLY have a baby or matter what. Anyhow thanks again for your advice.


bec - December 30 20 and have always wanted a baby to since a young age.but ive seen loads of mates go through it young and its exhusting for of my mates had 2 babies by the time she was 18 and lost her future,she cant work cant go out with mates and finds it hard 2 find a boyfriend.i work with children and i thought it would put me off but it hasnt but i no a baby at a young age is difficult so i try other ways around it like babysitting etc then that way you get to be responsible but can give it back at the end of the nite. hope this helps.



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