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Janet - November 17

Hi I am 1 month pregnant and I want to know if it is normal to have that gushy stuff in my underware? I am 16


E - November 17

Yes, increased discharge is normal and will continue to happen throughout your pregnancy. If you start to itch and the discharge is thick and curd-like it means you probably have a yeast infection. You can treat a yeast infection by yourself with Monistat, available at any drugstore. Don't let it go b/c it gets worse and the itching is very unpleasant.


Janet - November 17

Oh thank I was starting to get nurves about the baby. thanyou


Janet - November 17

and Yes it does itch like crazy Thank againg. How can I stop that?


Audrey - November 17

If you are pregnant you have to be careful about treating a yeast infection. I have used Monistat in the past and it caused me to have a period within two days of my starting it. So it seems to me that using it during pregnancy is potentially harmful to the baby. I suggest you speak to a doctor and find a safe way to treat the infection. In the meantime, keep yourself very clean, wear cotton underwear and change it often.


Janet - November 17

I will be going to the doctor on Friday. And yeah I will ask him about it .And if it causes my period to come then no b/c yeah like you said that will not be good for my baby. Thank you for your advice.


Josie - November 18

Yeah..that's normal.. Good Luck at your drs. visit


E - November 18

The doctor will tell you that Monistat is safe, as they told me. It also comes with a v____al anti-itch cream that you can use on the outside. The problem is that the v____al suppositories only work for a week or two and the yeast infection usually returns. It is a part of pregnancy you will need to learn to live with. I have stopped treating mine, I know it is gross, b/c it is useless and costly. Diflucan (prescription treatment) should not to be taken during pregnancy.



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