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alwaysonthego08 - March 2

My last period started Feb. 5. My bf and I had unprotected s_x on the last 4 days of it (it was a long one and very light the last few days). I always thought that it was safe to do so during your period because you couldn't get pregnant. But now I am reading that it is possible to get pregnant this way... Okay so even if I didn't get pregnant then..... All the ovulation calendars I tried out said that the 22-26 of Feb. would be my ovulation dates. But my period has always been kind of irregular. It usually skips a month maybe twice a year. 26th of Feb... we messed around in the shower...didn't have a condom on, but he didn't ejaculate.. used condoms earlier that day and after the shower. 27th of Feb... we used a condom, but it broke (it was a Trojan..brand new box *roll eyes*) So I went to Walmart and picked up some Conceptrol. The directions said to use an hour before intercourse and I read on a google search that it's kind of like "shutting the barn door after the horse has already run out". The 27th was the last time we had s_x, and today I've had a very very light pink spotting going on and I have an awful headache all day, and some mild cramping. Could I be pregnant? If I am, could the Conceptrol affect the baby?


Laroja - March 4

You could be pregnant. The conceptrol will not effect the baby. It can cause abnormal bleeding and spotting as well. That is a side effect. As well as headache and cramping. If you did get pregnant, (I would 'guess' it would have happened later, around supposed ovulation) It has not been long enough to test. You will need to wait until you miss a period. Some tests work a few days before but are not as accurate. It is also early for pregnancy symptoms, even if happened earlier in the month. Of course everyone is different. My best advice would be to get on birth control. Keep using condoms. You WILL end up pregnant if you keep doing what you are doing. Many people think they cant get pregnant while on their period. Lets say, you have a short cycle, well lets say one month you have a long period, so you bleed for 8 or 9 days, you have s_x, his sperm can live in your body up to 7 days. 3 to 5 is common. So at about day, 10, 11, 12 or 13 you ovulate. Well you have got sperm just waiting for the egg. Not to mention, your body will not ovulate at exactly the same time every month. An irregular cycle is PROBABLY caused by irregular ovulation, (you ovulate early so your period comes early or vice versa) Good luck. It sounds like you are describing symptoms of the med you took. I am sure you readd about 'implantation bleedimg' which can cause bleeding. This is very rare. I have been pregnant 6 times and never had it.


alwaysonthego08 - March 4

Okay, hopefully it's just the side effects then. My period is due Saturday, so we'll see... I'll get back on here to let you know how it turns out maybe next week sometime. :) Thanks for your help.


alwaysonthego08 - March 6 period today...not even any sign of I'm not having cramps, I haven't had any pimples pop up... Only thing is, I am extremely tired...I just feel literally drained. I've had headaches every day and I feel really bloated..but I've never been like this before any of my other periods.... How long do you think I should wait before taking an HPT?



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