Is This Pregnancy Or A Misunderstanding

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confused - November 27

Hey, I just want to ask if somebody could be pregnant if she is supposedly 10 to 14 pregnant (this is the number given if you take those online calculators), and currently expecting a period that is at least a week late but no signs of pregnancy either such as sore nipples, morning sickness, fatigue, heartburn, constipation, etc. I read that between 10 to 14 weeks, you are supposed to have the signs mentioned above plus veins all over your body due to an increase in blood volume. All of such symptoms which I don't have. Though I did do something that has a very very low chance of pregnancy risk, I had my normal periods after that. I know that I did not mistook these periods for pregnancy bleeding because I suffered cramps before they came like always. I also read about Amenorrhea (lack of mens. period) which could be caused by stress. Come to think of it, I think I've been stressed out lately because of extreme studying in school. I would just like to know if I still could be pregnant despite the lack of these symptoms or is this just a case of Amenorrhea due to stress. The reason why I say I could be 10 or 14 weeks pregnant is that this was how long is was from the time that I did something that has a low chance of pregnancy to today. Now, since I calculated that I might be 10 to 14 weeks pregnant, I'm trying to find the symptoms for the corresponding week to see if I had those symptoms. Thanks.


Jbear - November 28

Your post is really confusing, but I think you're stressing yourself out for nothing. You said you did something about three months ago that wasn't that likely to get you pregnant, then had normal periods after that, right? And now you're worried because your period is a week late, but you don't have any sort of pregnancy symptoms. Okay, if you haven't done anything that could lead to pregnancy since then, and you've had a couple of regular periods, it's really unlikely that you're pregnant. Of course you can take a test to put your mind at ease.



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