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Kailey - October 4

i'm 18 and think i may be pregnant. i have many of the symptoms, and my period is a day late. i'm going to buy a test today. is it wrong for me to be kind of excited about this? it seems that everyone else here is freaked out and upset by getting pregnant, but i'm not. i find myself watching baby shows, and looking through baby stuff in catalogues and department stores. i would have thought i would have been scared at the thought of being pregnant. Is it strange that i'm excited?


? - October 4

no girl i be doing the same exact thing i don't know why its just a habit i guess i just turned 18 and i really want a baby but my bf was smoking and drinking and they say that lowers the boys sperm cells thats why we think i haven't got pregnant yet it was plenty of times he came in me like a week ago we did it my cycle is on now and he came in me i just don't understand


thoughts - October 4

You are young, but just because of age, does not mean that this is not a time for you to be excited about. You have to keep in mind as well, there is a good chacnh that you period is just a couple days late due to cycle change or something to that sort. I believe that you just need to keep your head up and everything will fall in the right place at the right time. No mater at what age though, having a baby is a wonderfull time and emotion


Ashlie - October 4

I was 17 when I got pregnant with my first son, had him when I was 18 1/2 and now 20 1/2 im about to have my 2nd one. Its okay to be excited.


Brittany - October 4

No, its not. I'm 17 and I believe I might be pregnant as well and plan to take a preganacy test this Sat. I would be excitied to if it wasn't for my grandparents. My grandmother is what I call a true southern babtist who believes teen pregnancies is a discrace and an embaressment. My grandpa is a sweet old man and if he found out it would break he's heart and possibliy put him on his death bed. Also I had to raise my brother most of my life who has CP. If it wasn't for the fact that I'm now just starting to act likea teenager rather than an adult I would be thrilled because I love kids and I've always wanted to be a mom and work with kids.


louise - October 5

nah im 18, i was excited, my parents was excited, it is a sock no matter how much you look forward to it, it will shock you! i cryed and shook with shock and i was pleased! dont worry, its great to be excited and to be having a baby you want!


lauren - October 5

i wasnt scared at all gud luck xxx


to? - October 5

I dont think you should be planning a baby if you are still saying 'boys'


? - October 5

well u know what i meant my man is 20yrs old


JJ - October 8

if ur exicetd stay eited. dont let no body put ur mood off. remenbr the 1st reaction is really the true one. so if ur exited stick at it. im exited for u. tc



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