Is This The First Sign Is It Out My System

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TOOTiEPOP14 - May 19

well my period went up on May 14.08 and then i had s_x with my boyfriend on May 17.08...and my tummy has tightin a little bit but no lil humb, kuld i be pregnant? i was off depo prodv on April 21.08 and switched to birth control pills but never took they birth control pills. could i still be pregnant?


angelmonkey - May 20

i am a pregnancy test and yes you are pregnant!! congratulations!!!


tuesdaypm - May 20

Hee Hee Hee


angelmonkey - May 22

lol it has to be done


tuesdaypm - May 22

You do it soooo well!!! Are you a brit?


angelmonkey - May 22

yes lol!! if you think thats funny look on my post "for all those who think they may be pregnant" and type in the website and do the pregnancy test on there it cracked mr up i had to post it on this forum lol


tuesdaypm - May 22

Your sense of humour told me I had found a fellow brit ha ha I'll go look at that now, keep em coming! Maybe its a litle mean but I'm from the preg loss board and stumbled in here on a whim, it gives me great amusment to read these posts, the genuine ones are saddening but some are just soooo bloody funny---- I sat next to my bf and I was on my period, kuld i be perganate??? LMAO sorry lol :)


socurbaby7 - May 22

umm... well ... ill try to answer ur question but yea i really have no idea... but usually doesnt it take about a year for all of the horomones from the shot to get out of your system.. and i mean there is a chance... but if u got ur period may 14 and s_x on the 17th... werent u still on ur period? or if it went away in 2 days then chances were u were no ovulating at the same time ( so your probably not).... i mean there is a small miniscual chance... but i doubt it... are you trying to get pregnant or something? cause if not start takin that bc


lunamoo - May 22

ewe kuld bee pregananat a lil humb. tummie tightin. GET BACK ON THE GOsh DAMN PILL!!!!!


tuesdaypm - May 22

Errrm, ignorant lady here, period went up where?? i would worry about that and sorry but what is a little humb??


angelmonkey - May 22

hehe i think she has disapered maybe her period came down lol


Amanda19 - May 22

Can you please make ONE post and stick to it!???!?



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