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Sara - October 26

hey im 15 and my bf is 16 and he wants to have a bbay! we dont have to worrie about money because he's got lots!! my mom knows he wants to have a baby! he says hes ready!1 but it just seems weird that a 16 yr old guy wants to have a baby!! is this weird or wha??.im confused!!! and he says hes not lieing to me that he wont leave me or anythign when i get pregnant or after i haev the baby he says that he wants to be with me for ever!! he just kinds seems to hard to believe it!!


hali - October 26

if i was you and him i would wait a while, finish school and then maybe you will have more time. just think about all of your responsibilities


becky suezy - October 26

do you want a baby? that is really the only question that matters at this point.


Melissa - October 26

Go with what your instinct is telling you...if it's too hard to believe...then your probably right......If you are questioning probably arent ready to be sucked into motherhood either...which is a good thing......cause 15 is young to have a baby!


sara - October 26

i do and i dont wanna have a baby!! like i want somthing to love that is mine and no one elses! but iunno!! i think it is to young! and im not in school!! soo but im thinking about going back n getting an edustcaion and that then if me and him are still together then maybe we well consider it!1 thx you guys for the support


Melissa - October 27

That is an ecellent idea sara...go back to school and finish your education. Then you will be able to start a career and have the resources to raise a child!


Bonnie - October 27

Sara it sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders. Wait and take care of yourself first as once a baby comes it is no longer about you. You have plenty of time for raising babies. You sound like you will b e an excellent mom one day when the time is right.


amber - October 27

I'd be concerned that he is trying to trap you for some reason.I don't want to put bad images in anyones head but he just might turn around then become abussive and controling.He wouldn't be the first to pull this stunt.Don't go leaving him because I'm saying this this may not be him.Just telling you a possibibly.


CAROL - October 27

If you're not in school, and want to have a baby now, the chances of you going back to finish highschool are not good. You should wait, Sara. Especially since you're confused as whether to do it or not.



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