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Ashley - December 6

I really want a baby, but my boyfriend say's his too young, how could i get pregnant with out him knowing whet i'm planning?


CAROL - December 6

To answer your question: yes, this is wrong. Why would you want to deceive a guy into having a baby with you? You probably ARE too young. If he doesn't want a baby, what makes you think he'd stay with you if you got pregnant? Are you ready to be a single mom? Are you self sufficient? Who's going to pay for the baby? For the delivery? How will you afford to pay for this, and for their school later on?


Ashley - December 6

I'll cope, I have support from my friends, and by the way were both 16, so I'm way mature for this! And i have a rich uncle, so it's all sorted!


CAROL - December 6

Rich uncles are under no obligation to pay for your child. How will you PERSONALLY care for a child, financially? Are you financially independent? Do you have a job? Savings? Are you schooled? Friends have a way of disappearing and becoming distant during pregnancy. Afterall, they're going out and doing stuff but you're stuck at home doing laundry... think about it. It's not about pushing your cute baby around in the mall and having people see you. You'll be pushing them around in the mall, they'll soak their diaper through, their clothes through, mess up their stroller. Yeah, that's really attractive, all right.


Ashley - December 6

I'll be fine! I can be a single mum, but i think he'll come round to the idea once he gets over the shock!


CAROL - December 6

How can you say you'll be fine? Where will you live? Who'll buy you a crib? Diapers? Formula, if you choose? That stuff is almost 30 dollars a can, which you run through in no time. Who buys the clothes? Baby outgrows outfits in weeks, sometimes. Do you have insurance? No? Who covers the delivery? Who pays for it? An uncomplicated v____al delivery runs upwards of $5000 dollars. If you need a C-section, average cost is $11,000 +. Can you afford this? Baby's aren't a joke, or a toy. This is a person you will be responsible for for the REST OF YOUR LIFE. Not 18 years. Guess what? When they call you up with no where to go at age 43, who'll take them in? You. When they need money, who'll take them in? You. When they have a baby in their teens, who'll raise their baby? You. Who'll have to bend over backwards for this person FOREVER because they couldn't wait until they were prepared? You. Why can't you wait a few years?


To Carol - December 6

Ok, again with this Carol stuff but I can't take it...Carol, I read that your 15 years old and the father of your child isn't in the picture. Why would you be giving this girl advice when your life isn't all so great? To Ashley...tell the guy your on birth control even if your not.


CAROL - December 6

I'm not romantically involved with the father of my child, but he is in the picture. Yes, I am 15. As for my choice to have a baby, I felt I am in a good point inmy life to do so. Your opinion is yours. Peace.


Very wrong - December 6

Yes this is very very wrong. If you want a baby that bad, get together with someone who will want one. If you plan to get pregnant and your boyfriend does not want a child, he will resent you for the rest of his life and leave you. If he does not want a child do not force it on him. He will NOT come around to the idea...ever..if he does not want a baby right now. Having a baby will not make him "come around" to wanting one. Your boyfriend seems very smart and you are very stupid. Either wait until you are mature enough to have a child or find someone who wants to knock you up.


../ - December 6

just pretend you are on the pill, empty packets into the toilet. It will happen eventually. Best thing to do is tok 2 'im cuz he wil listen eventually and stuff


CAROL - December 6

He won't listen, eventually, so quit the lying. Just tell him you want a baby. When he says no, break up. Don't trap an innocent man. Having a baby isn't "cute" or easy.


YOUR NUTS - December 6

Your boyfriend doesn't deserve a life sentence to someone when he's already told you he's not ready. Thats just plain evil. He's got his head on straight- He knows he's not ready. He's the smart one here not you. How would you feel if someone gave you a lifetime sentence for something you didn't do or want? You are a selfish mean horrible and very immature confused little girl. If you are hell bent on having a child, find someone who will give you one willingly. Don't trick your boyfriend. This is not something you can force him into. He'll probably just leave you both if you do. Since when did you become a willing welfare system to all of your family members just because you have money?? I don't think your uncle would appreciate you volounteering him to help support your child. YOu need to finish school, fall in love get married and have a job that you love first. YOur life will be so much better if you wait. SOMEDAY YOU ARE GOING TO BE SOOO SORRY YOU WERE SOO STUPID.


T - December 6

I agree with Carol on this. Im not going to lecture you on babies etc but trust me, they are NOT just cute or the "cool" think to have right now because your hanging around a pregnancy board and your feeling broody. Look talk to your boyfriend. If he says no give him a year then ask again. But really you should listen to your boyfriend. It sounds like he has a lot of sense saying no to you purposefully getting pregnant. Hardly any girls on here get purposefully pregnant. Read some of the posts about the terrified teens dreading being pregnant.


shanequa - December 7

your an idiot!! please trap him so he can hate you and you baby!! go get a dog or something!! better yet keep your legs closed till you grow up!!


Ashley - December 7

Oh my god, i can't believe you all fell for it! lol!


misti - December 7

oh so now it was a joke no its not lol its a waste of time loser.I think u really do want to trap a guy now that every one is mad you say "oh lol its was so funny and a joke." if u dont have a serrious question dont ask it


Ashley - December 7

That wasn't me that posted, i am being serious! I really want one, i can support myself and a baby, i mean i'll get benefits! I live in the u.k so hospital and stuff is all sorted!



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