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Isis - May 26

I am in a state of loneliness at the moment and I don't know whats wrong with me. As a result I hae been wanting to get pregnant for the past year. My family doesn't want a pet and I can't get out of the house long enough and alon to have s_x with anyone. My mother won't let me go! I'm fourteen! Please help me.


Grandpa Viv - May 26

That's a sad post. You for sure do need to do something to change your life, but I don't think having a baby is the answer. Evidently you are not getting the love you need from the adults in your life, so you are looking elsewhere. Do you think your mom would let you join a church, Girl Scouts, 4H or some other good local cause. If she will, get out there and start looking for an adult mentor who will put some meaning in your life. AIM ppowb


Audrey - May 26

Isis- If your parents are not giving you the attention that you need, getting pregnant will not improve the situation. As Grandpa Viv said, there must be community organizations or school sports teams that you can join. Best wishes!


Remi - May 26

Well, ur 14, so getting pregnant isn't the smartest thing to do to ease your emptiness. I would suggest talking to your school psychologist or a doctor of some type, because maybe you have issues you need to talk about and deal with.


Isis - May 29

I can't get any counseling from a school because I'm homeschool, and there is no way in the world I am telling my mom and dad about this. They are very religious and if I tell them, my mother will just start fussing at me and then I'll be here with hurt feeling. I really wish I could do some kind of girl scouts or something, but this woman I call my mother won't even let me stay home alone let alone go to some kind of girl scouts thing with people I don't know.


Cody - May 29

Tell your mother how you feel Isis.... perhaps she does not show it to you as much because she believes you are fine. A baby is definatly not the way to go just to get over your state of loneliness. A positive relationship between your family and yourself is the first thing to establish. Sit down and have a talk with her and be opne, tell her how you feel about your loneliness... As a teenager, you need to have the option of leaving your home to be able to socialize. Sit down one day, and very calmly have a discussion with her.


Grandpa Viv - May 29

This isn't about pregnancy. This is about a girl who is being held prisoner by unusual parents. It is close to child abuse, but it is unlikely that any social worker would be able to name the violation. Even in an Islamic country she would have the companionship of other girls in an extended family. Isis, can you be specific about what kind of help you seek?



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