It S A Negative

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CMAgrad07 - January 31

Okay guys, I'm just keeping you posted. So I took that pregnancy test over the weekend and it was a neg... : ( I do plan on being on this site until we get a positive though so I need to guys to get me through all the negatives lol. It's very difficult trying to get pregnant when my fiance is back and forth from Germany. We're getting married in a couple months and getting pregnant is something we both want so much. I had my last period January 2 and was suppose to get it yesterday. I'm not surprised at all lol I've been stressing about 20 million different things. If it doesn't come soon though then I'm going to make an appointment with my doctor. I have lower abdominal cramps but they aren't menstrual cramps. I had described that before when I thought I was pregnant and was told that's also ovarian cyst symptoms also... Can anyone tell me more symptoms related to the cysts??


CMAgrad07 - February 1

This really sucks body is being totally different than it ever has before...I'm still having nausea and even though I think my periods going to start I'm not having cramps?? and usually...I have the WORST cramps ever...I'm having a like...pressure feeling in my stomach along with the nausea I'm just in shock because there's NO CRAMPS!! I'm def. not complaining though lol. My b___sts are sore underneath on the bottom part and thats only a come and go type of thing. Does anyone know if these are signs of having a cyst?? I read up on them and they said you'd be overweight and I'm def. not that however if this is my period then it is a few days late... **Sigh** Anyone have any related symptoms or know anything about this???


CMAgrad07 - February 1

Ahh!! I thought it was coming today but NOTHING!!! lmao I think I scared it away...God I wish I knew what was going on... ANYBODY have ANY help advice??


babyonboard16 - February 1

You MIGHT have taken a test a little early get another one and take one with the first pee of the morning, if that's negative then you're definately not.


hailey07 - February 2

Oddly enough that you mention it... I had a cyst that was discovered through cat scan about a two and half weeks before I found out that I was pregnant. I was nauseated for about a week before I chose to go to the ER one night due to a bad case of the flu. Turned out that my flu bug was just a 24 hour deal, but the reason for my nausea the week before was my cyst, it was still too early to pick up my pregnancy, and because I had some belly tenderness my ER doc sent me for a cat scan. It was about 2cm I believe, and it burst a few days after I had the cat scan, that was a bit painful but I haven't had any issues with it since. I thought that I had another ovarian cyst before I knew I was pregnant and having morning sickness, I thought maybe my cyst was conflicting with my cycle... but I guess that one was wrong. My OB suggested I take a pregnancy test because he had thought that the chances of the cyst making me late was slim.You might want to speak with your OB/GYN and see if he or she can schedule a blood test to make sure you're not pregnant and then maybe a cat scan to check for an ovarian cyst. But yes, nausea is a__sociated with a cyst, my mother had one when she was about 20 and she was nauseated for about 2 weeks before she found out. I don;t know if this is a common symptom of cysts but I also had been running a temperature the week before I went to the ER, however that could have been my flu. Hope that helps a bit, good luck!



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