Its An Undescribable Feeling

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justagurl - April 3

I'm a month and 2 weeks pregnant, and wow... the feeling is amazing. My boyfriend and i just came clean to my mother today... because of the fact that we need help. I need an abortion, and i need her consent. She freaked, but of course she's going to help me... I hate that it has to end this way... i hate it beyond belief. I'm depressed and scared. My question is... what are the chances that it will affect any of my future pregnancies? I want children, we both do... so i want to know i will be able to...


J - April 3

i have the same question. I think i am pregnant and i'm scared that if i am n get a abortion it will affect my future pregnancies. but i doubt i have two cousins that have had abortions at the age of 15 and one of them has two children and the other had a baby about a year ago. but everyone's body is different.


Hey - April 3

I've researched abortions and many women have had healthy babies after an abortion.


Julia - April 3

Well I can speak from experiance. I was forced to have abortion at 15. Within a few months of the procedure...I developed Endometrosis. Doctors said it was due to the abortion. I then developed cancer in my ovaries at 22. I had 1 child at 19. I am now 31 and still have endo. and can never have any children again. Now I am not saying that this happens to all woman, but alot of woman are fine with it. I personally dont agree with a abortion. But that is a decsion only you can make. Only you will have to deal with it for the rest of your life. I wish you Good Luck and lots of Blessings.


liliesandliars - April 4

Abortion clinics will not fully outline the long-term risks of abortion... it can scar uterine tissue/injure your cervix, both of which are necessary for making a baby. Don't get me wrong - in all likeliness, you will still be able to have babies. It just might be more difficult for you. Good luck on your decision.


Grandpa Viv - April 4

Complications are less likely from the early procedure (vacuum aspiration), which is one reason teens should not wait to tell their parents.


justagurl - April 6

I just found out two days ago that i'm actually 2 months and a half pregnant. Tomarrow is my abortion date, i hate myself... it hurts so much, there is never going to be a perfect world...


to justagurl - April 6

Not to say you will be this way..but i dont think the physical issues are the only ones you should be concerned about...i've heard of women being emoitionally scarred as well..with depression, regret, grief...some even to the point of suicide...if i could give any advice i would say that a child is a gift from GOD and He gave you that child for a reason...children are a blessing and there are plenty of women out there that would die to have the opportunity that you have inside of you basically i would say not to go through with i said there is a purpose for that baby and it was given to you for a reason..things may be tough of course, but thats not to say you wont get through what your heart tells you..not what the material things do...Everything happens for a reason


Sarah - April 6

All I ask is for you girls to make a fully informed decision, and one that you yourself have made. There is nothing worse than to have been forced into something and have resentment for the rest of your life. Good luck and take care


irrelevant - April 7

it's normal to be scared and upset, particularly because your hormones are highly charged at the moment. you have obviously made the best decision for you at this time. if the procedure is done correctly and there are no complications, there is absolutely no reason why you can't have children in the future.


Mizzy17 - April 7

Are going to keep your baby or have you already had the abortion you ever need someone to talk to email me at [email protected] lost my baby to a miscarriage about 2 years ago...



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