Iud Was Removed

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kendra.marie - September 26

so today i had my IUD removed. so im very very excited=] i cant wait to start TTC; im very happy to try to add baby 2 to my family. im excited & i cant wait any one wanna chat or anyone thats TTC a baby & young. feel free <3


krista-lee - September 26

congrats Kendra! finally you can start trying for a new baby, and hopefully it wont take long : ) Kelsey would be a great big sis, shes such a doll! Your piczo is pa__sword protected so i havent been able to see any new pics, ill message you on piczo to get the pa__sword if thats okay with you (my site is piczo/-mylittleangels). Good luck with baby and pregnancy!


kendra.marie - September 27

thank you =] i hope soon im very excited =] oh yah thats totally fine- i think you need to readd kelseys to your friends; i went through & took of ones i didnt really know inless we spoke- so yah i will defiently give it to you- theres not really any new ones the cameras broke so i missed out on alot in 12-13 months & shes 13-14 now aww its nuts.


Tracey-uk - September 27

Oh Kendra - send me the pa__sword to Kelsey's site. i love seeing her pictures - she's too cute


kendra.marie - September 27

i sent it on facebook


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - September 27

Are ou parents excited too...not trying to talk you out of it, just a question. My daughter is a month old, I am hoping for a little boy next, but I want at least 3 years with my daughter...but with the way things go, my luck I will find out at my 6 week check-up Im pregnant again...that would be scary.


kendra.marie - September 27

HAHA YAH THAT WOULD BE NUTS. haha :] my parents dont know hehe :] they will find out well my mother does but my dad & his parents dont know. well i love you babe. ttyl


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - September 30

LOL My mom would kill me if she found out I was pregnant, but my dad does not want me stopping at one...my husband and i might just adopt tho


kendra.marie - October 1

why adopt? i mean i would make one of your own & then adopt. i want to adopt to. later on tho. i would like to have 4 kids at least. hehe i wish i could be like 2 of each s_x but i have a feeling that wont work. we have ONE down only 3 more to go. we are trying now. so after this one we are half way done =] we went to the Halloween store to buy kelsey her outfit. its precious but there was this lady with5 kids strads like there goes Kendra & her crew i started laughing it was so cute


sagekelli - October 1

congrats. can i just ask, did it hurt to have your iud removed? was it any better or worse than having it put in? i want to ttc within a year or so but i realized i'm a little scared to remove mine, it seems like it would hurt way worse to remove it.


kendra.marie - October 1

sagekelli-- oh my i was terrified when i went in to get it out i was paranoid it would hurt & so forth. well when i got mine put it i got terrible cramping that afternoon. when i got it removed it didn't hurt coming out at all- but i was scared that i would bleed & so forth. i had a little cramping 2 hrs later. so i would recommend when you go in to get it removed take Advil, Tylenol or Ibuprofen 2 hrs before so that its already kicked it. get it removed right before your next cycle don't try to get it removed in the middle of a cycle or at the beginning that will throw your cycles way off. i had my iud removed on the 26th of sept. well my period was due 10-2 yah my period came 9-29 so a couple days later && its heaver then heck for the first 2-3 cycles & you will have CLOTTING so dont freak out. its totally normal after having the IUD removed. <3 hope that helps. do you have msn or anything


sara b - October 3

If you have the mirena IUD it will take a lot longer to get your cycles back. I had the mirena for 2 years and didn't have periods with it. I had it removed 20 days ago and still have not had a cycle yet. Good luck!


BouncingBabyBoy - October 3

I am so happy for you Kendra!! Oh before I forget....My wonderful honey ordered a wall decoration with our son's name on it.! Everyone is in LOVE with the name you picked out for us!!!!


kendra.marie - October 3

omg really you guys love it ==] aww i hope so. hehe =] lol i love the baby naming part. u need to talk to on msn when u get on seriosuly=]


kendra.marie - October 3

sara ive had mine already! so mayeb thats you id get checked out when was ur cycle suppose to begin?



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