Ive Had My Baby Boy

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tori - April 17

i had my baby boy on wednesday 13th april at 23.45 hes is now for days old and i thought u wud all like to no. he weighed 5pounds 7 and im so happy we named him jordan kaylee


katie - April 17

awww congrats tht is such a nice name do u have any pictures yet??? take care and hope u r all well xxx katie


tori - April 17

yep i have pictures so if u give me ur addy and anyone else tth wants to c him i will sent them to u. we are both doin well and if anyone has any questions just ask


Kayleigh - April 17

Hi congrats on your baby boy. I had my baby on 6 march little girl called Torey weighing 7lb12. she is now 6 weeks old today. funny your name is same as my babys and your babys other name is same as mine just spelt different.


maya - April 17

congrats. i would lov to see him. my email is [email protected]


katie - April 17

my email is [email protected]


tori - April 17

wow tht is pretty wierd lol i'll send them now and if anyone else wants them just give me ur address ok and to anyone hu is havin a baby u can do it =)


katie - April 17

awww hes beautiful and i love the outfits lol so wat agr r u then and how r u doin are u keepin well?? take care xxx katie


maya - April 17

he is so cute. i think i saw him on pregnancyweekly.com. im not sure. he is adorable. congrats


tori - April 17

you may well hav i have posted his pictures on lots of different websites lol im so happy and proud to b his mom


maya - April 17

awww. he is sp precious and adorable. how old r u . i would lov to hear ur birth story. i lov them.


kayla - April 17

awww congrats. can i see his pics to. my email is [email protected] take care n much luv


Monica - April 17

awww congrats. aww thats a cute name. may i see his pics to. my email is [email protected]


becca - April 18

aw congrat i had my baby girl nearly 6 weeks ago on the 10th called paris summer weighin 7lb 14 send me sum picx [email protected]


Kay - April 18

Congratz :) [email protected]


tori - April 18

thanks i'll send them now and im 15


Marie - April 18

Congrats on the lil bundle of joy. I was 15 when I had my lil boy,his name is Lucas he's now 2 1/2 . And he is the light of my life,so I know how you're felling. I would love to see a pic of you're son my E-mail is [email protected]



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