Ive Had My Lil Girl

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KAYLEIGH - March 8

i had my baby girl called her torey shes weighted 7.12oz1/2 and was born on 6th march 05 at 2 :23am shes gorjus shes has tuns of hair to. GOOD LUCK TO ALL U TEENS MUMS THATS R PREGGY U CAN DO IT :D


Gisele - March 8



Emma - March 8

Congratulations. My little boy is due on thursday. Hope he hurrys up! Cant wait to be a mummy!


Jaya - March 8

Congratulations xx I had a little girl to, nearly 3 wks ago


Mommy2Kylie - March 8

Congratulations - I love little girls! Their so fun!!


Karrie - March 8



congrats Kayleigh - March 8

I am glad every thing went well and here is to many more things going just as well.


katie - March 8

conrats!!!!!!! glad it all went well 4 u


Chey - March 8

Congrats!!! QUE-LINDA. I had my baby girl on the 27th of February at 11:21 pm 7lbs. 11oz. She also gots tuns of pretty hair like me she's a mixed babii and shes sooo cutteee.


Nanna Ronni - March 22

Just have to say how proud l am of Kayleigh she is being a fantastic mum to my fab grandchild Torey. Well done you!!!! I love you both very much


Brittney - March 22

a am happy everything went cool with u and your baby but what is going on with your baby daddy.


Grandpa Viv - March 22

Good luck to Ronni, Kayleigh and Torey! May the angels smile on you all!


Nanna Ronni - March 23

Babys Daddy has been very supportive and plays an active role with parenting. His family too have been excellent which is more than l can say for my own parents who l might point out adopted me as a baby. So are all adotive parents better than natural parents...... sadly not all the time. Will daddy stay the course, l hope so but like any relationship whether you are 16 or 36, there is no guarantee that your relationship will last for ever more. I have nothing but praise for both mum and dad as they are doing a fantastic job.


KAYLEIGH - April 5

hehehe thnx mum :D


KAYLEIGH - April 5

hehehe thanx mum :D


Shelby - April 13

Congratulations!!! i'm 4 months and scared about labor.is it hard? hope you and your baby are doing good!the best of wishes and luck! if you can or anyone else can answer my que. e-mail me at [email protected]



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