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Corrine321 - May 22

okay, first off look at the TWINS, huge handful! post... well look for lucky star and then look at the e-mail she wrote down!! I would not believe this girl what so ever! She has 4 different stories going on now! Why do people have to lie about these things... they must be very bored in life if thats all they do.. is lie!


maybeybaby - May 22

i thought i was the only one who noticed. lol.


les22 - May 23

i know, i started a thread about the very same thing ! they must think we are all stupid.


Evonna - May 23



midnight_drift - May 23

Man, you're good. I didn't even notice!


Emma2 - May 23

The bottom line is...It's the internet and youre never going to know for sure if anyone is being honest. I perodnally don't give a hoot who is lying because it really doesn't change my life and it wont change in here because all they will do is find a new name and a new story. So, with that said, let's focus on everyones questions and hopefully some are true and we are making a difference . Let the liars tell their story they clearly are bored!


Jess-Sophies-Mum - May 28



Jess-Sophies-Mum - May 28

take out the dashes :)


Mommy - May 28

Damn, she needs a therapists. Lying about that kind of thing is not normal and anyone who finds it amusing is messed up in the head.


Aussie Beck - June 5

Well don't I look like a fool. I offered this girl my email address in case she needed to talk. She did email me and said she was being abused by her boyfriend. I haven't heard from her since that email! I was genuinely worried about her and her 'babies'! What a twisted girl taking advantage of people's feelings when we are all so busy with our own lives and emotions!!!!


tonilee7 - June 8

Have read both stories in this forum, just wondering wether anyone can point me in the direction of the other 2 stories this messed up girl has written, some one earlier said there was one in the twins forum under lucky star but I am unable to find them........if anyone could send me in the right direction please tell me how to get to the stories.........this gal has a serious problem


midnight_drift - June 8

tonilee7, I believe the other two stories were reported, because I haven't been able to find them either and I have looked through several pages... but she said she had twins, one said she was raped, one said she had s_x with an older man, one said she was just pregnant, and on another forum, she had her baby. Oh, an another she had just had her baby which was a result of rape.



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