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159 - September 29

HELLO. i was wondering if your pregnant and/ or get pregnant while your in juviniel would u get out ? or what would happen??? i live in maryland.. please answer ASAP


... - September 29

You get out to have the baby then go back in. The baby will go to the mothers parents or to the father(If he is your life) having a baby is not a get out of jail card.


nope - September 29

If the parents dont want the baby it could go up for adoption.


2 cents - September 29

Actually, there is no way in hell you can get pregnant in Juvenile. The guys and girls are on 2 separate floors. And as for the get out of jail free card, nope. If you are 9 months and they pick you up on something there may be a small possibility they will just book you and let you go if you tell them your in labor and just waiting on the contractions to become regular so you can go to the hospital. But its a very small chance. The state doesnt want those kind of problems and dont like to pay for it unless its very nessesary. They have doctors you can see in Juvenile so you dont get out just because your pregnant. And if you do have the baby inthere it will go to the closest family memeber who will take it. They will not put it up for adoption just because you were in jail. But if they cant find someone to take it they will put it in cps until you get out then there are steps you have to take to get him or her back.


2 more cents - September 30

Where there is a will there is a way. She could get pregnant in juvi just like a woman could get pregnant in prison. Not everyone (guards) follows the rules. And obviously if you are in juvi , you don't follow rules. So its totally possible but it is not a get out jail free card for you. It is a get out of jail free card for the kid though.


2 cents - September 30

Umm no. I have been there and i know that there are NO guards that are of a different s_x for that reason and that reason only. Now a womans prison is a completely different subject. Those are grown women we are talking about not kids.


Sad - October 1

How can you bring a child into the world? You obviously don't have your life together, if you are in JAIL. Why would you subject a child to your selfish, pointless life? It's sad that so many deserving people can't get pregnant or have kids and a loser like you can.


Annoyed - October 1

Sad, please hold in your immature comments about how selfish this girl must be because you may not know this but there are NO computers in jail. Its not going to help to call her names. And obviously you have no life to be on a TEEN pregnancy forum talking trash to girls who im a__suming are ALREADY pregnant so whats the point of saying anything now? Its not going to change nothing.


also.... - October 1

If your parents don't agree to take the baby-well, if you don't have some one to take the baby after it is born-the state can take it, and it will polace it for adoption



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