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so tired of judgmental people - August 29

why do older people come on the teen pregnancy forum and call us all stupid? They tell us not to have s_x but i bet most of them had s_x when they were teenagers,they tell us not to get pregnant when we are teenagers because they ended up getting knocked up when they were teenagers and it was so hard but yet most of them go on and get pregnant again a year later.I am 17 and have been trying to get pregnant for over a year,i have finished school,i am married,i have a house and a safe car and i come on this site trying to get some support and they call me stupid or irresponsible.I am not saying that every teen should go out and get pregnant really i am not for most its not the ideal situation but for the couple of rare teenagers that can support a child financially and emotionally and everyother way i think it stinks that these people come on here and say insulting things!!


Em - August 29

I dont get why people want to preach to us, most girls here are already pregnant or a parent so whats the point? People are so predujudiced and it gets on my nerves. I understand when they say it to some 12 y/o who wants to try for a baby though...


keep your head up - August 29

Some people just want a reason to b___h. just ignore them and focus on your life. Most of the time some women are having a hard time getting pregnant. So they take their anger out on teens on this site. I personal come on here to give advice. I got pregnant and had my first child at 20. I am now 29 years old. Sometimes people are judgmental because they are not happy in their own life. Misery loves company. Don't respond to the negative people. The person will likely get bored and more on. Now if the person is giving life experience advice. Live and learn. I remember when I was 17. I thought I knew everything. Being defensive will never get you anywhere. Sometimes an adult can be very wise......We all have a read a crazy sick story on the teen forum. Now those stories deserve negative comments. Remember these people don't really know you. Never take any comments personal. Take care


x - August 29

Some are judgemental, myself, well mearly educating people. Alot of them don't realize we did the same thing and got preg, but made a bad decision. Me personally, had the decision made for me. I hope what happened to me doesn't have to happen to anyone else. Good Luck in whatever you do, just remember, not all of us judge you.


Babygirl13 - August 29

Im 13 i now Im yung and i want a baby, i can take care of it becuz i have been babysiting since 9, i don't like peeple seying im stupid or caling me a s___t eithir. I now i can handle a baby. Hopefuly i get pregnet this month!


Shannon - August 29

If your in a good situation, it sounds like you are, then there is NO reason not to have a child. It's not easy at any age but if it's what you truly want, than good luck. Some of the other girls are trying to fill a void in their lives. I don't think they're stupid just really uneducated in adult situations. Having a baby young is hard I did it and have survived. But it did bring alot of hardship, even being married.


To: So tired... - August 29

Everyone's situation is different. I think the judgemental people get out of hand, but I think their intentions are well meaning. If you are in a stable mature relationship, have the financial capability and can support a child at 17, there is nothing wrong with that. It's the 12 and 13 year olds who have not a clue about their own selves that the judgementals need to come down on. To the 13 yo: Babysitting since 9? I'll bet you have a hell of a nest egg saved up. Maybe you can buy a couple packages of diapers with it. It's you and ones like you - no one is jealouse of, believe me. But you have a tendancy of p__sing people off because they see you as an immature brat who wants a baby for all the wrong reasons who will end up sucking up our tax money with no motovation to finish growing up yourself. That's pretty much viewed by the judgementals and why they come down so hard on people that young. It's pathetic. Stop and think for a minute. Think back 5 years ago when you were 8. Do you still like the same things at 8 now that you are 13? Think of how much you have grown in 5 years. How much more "mature" you've become in 5 years. Now think ahead. How much do you think you will change in 5 more years when you are 18? Do you see the difference? Getting pregnant now will not get you out of the house, it will not make you more mature, it will not make you cool, it will not give you a guarenteed love. Yes, you will love that child, but a baby is incapable of loving back at that early of an age. A baby is a taker. And all they do is take. They are totally dependant on you. What's going to happen when you have a babysitting job and the parents don't want you to bring yours over? Are you going to dump your baby on your parents? You bf? a__suming he is 13-16, what kind of job do you think he is going to have to support you and the baby? What kind of job do you think he can have riding a bicycle? A paperroute? Come on. Think a little. No one is saying you are stupid - if you are as mature as you think you are at 13, think. A baby needs a mother to stay at home. It needs constant love and attention. Unless you have the finances to back it - you're not ready.


To Babygirl13 - August 30

you ARE stupid


toya - August 30

i'm 18. r u just saying the majority because i know some people that never had thier kids till thier late 20's


nana - August 30

some peopl just have nothing better to do than sit around trying to look self righteous and judge others.


tired of judgemental people - August 30

~toya~i am talking about the people that come on here telling us that it is going to be hard because they have had children at a young age..i know it is going to be hard,probably the hardest thing i will ever do and i am looking forward to that.."To babygirl" maybe instead of calling her stupid u should maybe give her advice instead of calling her stupid,its not going to help her any by calling her names..that's what these forums are supposed to be for,suport,advice,and questions...babygirl i just want to ask you to think about the responsibility before you try to get pregnant..think of how u r going to pay for formula,diapers,doctors,transportation,baby cloths and cribs and strollers and everything that goes with having a child..i know nobody is going to change your mind about it if its what you really want but just think it through very carefully..do you want to finish school and go to college and date and hang out with your friends whenever you feel like it? with a baby all of that will be very very hard to do..Just please think carefully before you do it...


toya - August 30

ok then i agree.


to baby girl - August 30

i feel quite sad that you want to grow up so quickly and HAVE to become an adult when sweetie you are still only a child.you are not ready for a baby, babysitting at 9 (which is illegal anyway)and giving the child back at the end of the night is NOTHING compared to having a full 24/7 baby. i have always had babies in my life there are huge age gaps between my and my younger sisters and i have always wanted a baby too but at 13 i KNEW i was far too young. why dont you try getting a dog or a kitten and see how you feel about the responsability of an animal before having a baby. i know it must be horrible to want something so bad, but think of the baby! could you really support him or her? through babyhood, childhood and adolesence? think if you were at school by the time you finished your child will have started school.i really hope you think about what youre doing and i hope you can see what people are trying to say to you.be a kid for a little bit longer hunni!! x



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