Jus Wana See If Any1s Goin Thru The Same Things I Am

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Me - January 18

im 17, i had unprotected s_x wiv my boyfriend on 27th december and now my periods 3 weeks late, i took a home pregnancy test but it was negative, ive feelin realy c__p for about a week, had an exam on monday and had to leave cos i thought i was gonna be sick. ive been really tired and had achey lower back. does any1 kno where im comin from-the test was negative but i still aint had my period and i feel sick all the time. any feedback would be great. thanx


Krista - January 18

It culd jus be stress too! but wait like one more week and then take one n then let me kno [email protected]


Me - January 18

hey krista-thanx 4 advice-i did think bout stress-im normally i really layed back person and dont get stressedout bout much-but i hav been worried bout bein pregnant so i'll give it a bit longer and do a retest, i cant understand wot it cud be if not. thanx


Kayleigh - January 18

i'v been the same, my period is nearly 2 months late, ive done 4 tests each have been negative but ive got all the signs and symptoms my doctor is convinced that im pregnant if i was you i would go and get it checked out


concerned - January 18

Please go to your doctor and have a blood test done. The blood tests are alot more sensitive than the home pregnancy kits. Please if your are not pregnant to ask about the pill and also get your b/f to wear condoms


J - January 19

im 19 and just went off the pill. i had a one night stand and used a condom but my period is a week late...i have a bit of low pain in my stomach but i dont know if its cause im due on or what


Hilary - January 19

UMM Kayleigh ur doc is convinced you are? Then wouldnt he give u an u/s? More tests... not just say hmm I think you are. At those stages they are at least 90% accurate so dont waste money testing everyday.


Me - January 19

ive jus done another test and it was negative again. ive had some light bleeding-do you recon thats my period? its not normally this light but i suppose it could be mucked up a bit-at the begginin of december jus after my as period i had unprotected s_x and took the mornin after pill but then i had unprotected s_x again before my next period was due so i suppose my body could be reactin to the mornin after pill?! or jus stress! anyways


Asha - January 22

well you could be pregnant because it also does depend on the urine u used for the test. Implantation bleeding usually happens when you're supposed to be having your period. You should go to your docter.


Me - January 23

asha-thatnx 4 info on implantation bleedin-ive been lookin everywhere for sumthin onthat but cant find anythin anywhere. im about 4 weeks late now-but i hav been havin this light bleedin for about a week now-i cant bring myself to go to the dr-i kno i shud prob go but im scared


Me - January 26

Ive been bleeding nw for 11 days-and it doesnt seem to be slowing down. im gonna try and get to my drs 2morro cos this is really buggin me now. im still really tired and people have started commenting on it. my stomach is kinda bloated but hard. does any1 have any advice?or info? anything would help. thanx


Lisa - February 8

Hey ..its my first time on here...im going crazy!!! my period was due 3 days ago ...ive taken a hpt about 4 times cuz i couldnt wait to find out and of course they were all negative...now today ive had brownish discharge..only when i go to the washroom....how do i know if this is my period or if im prego?


help me - February 8

i'm going through te same thing!!! i took a test to but it was negative and im still having symptoms of pregnancy and they are getting worse i dont know what to do . your not alone


Tasha - February 8

Hey girl I was in your shoes about a month ago and yeah you might want to take another test, b/c those are the symptoms I had and I am pregnate. I just turned 18 on Jan. 28th so I have been in your shoes! Good Luck!


Kayleigh-Jayne - February 8

if your stressing about being pregnant that could be what made your period late... but if i was you i would definately go to the doctor... ive been going through the same thing hpts have been negative so have doctors tests but they are still convinced i am so they are sending me for a scan... i wish you the best of luck in getting the result you want... and remember if you are its not the end of the world there is alot of support out there and you can still do things you have always wanted. Good luck ! xx


Veyah - February 11

Over the last month i have taken 4 hpts and 1 blood test and all were negative. my last period was Jan 9 and it has been normal. After my lmp i started getting pelvic pains, instant headaches, back pain, extreme nausea etc. i went to the ER and spent 7 hours there and the test came back neg. I was suppose to get my period on the 9th but i got it this morning. i have been reading about implantation bleeding and i definitely think this is it. I go to the restroom and usually there are lots of blood clots in the toilet but now there is nothing. i am convinced that i am, i will keep you posted.



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