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jennifer_33106 - September 21

Ugh I am so sick of people saying "Dont use my tax dollars, I am paying for you to have a baby" yada yada yada. I just want to point out to all of the drama starters here that Tax Dollars are GOVERNMENT money. Tax Dollars go to pay for more then just WIC and Wellfare people!!!! Who do you think pays the soilders salaries!!?? The Governmant. Where does the government get that money!!?? Taxes. ANY person with any type of government job whether it be a postal worker, solider, politician ect GETS MONEY FROM THE GOVERNMENT!!! SO please shut up about you paying for peoples children, typically, teens children, because your money is going else where as well. Why dont you attack a mail man!? Sorry I just needed to vent on this. :)


BouncingBabyBoy - September 21



lunamoo - September 21

I would complain too, if my mailman did not deliver the mail. He is paid to DO his job. Over 70% of Americans are against the war and therefore our tax money is going to a cause we do not believe in as a nation...anyway what was your point...?


kendra.marie - September 21

totally agree; one time this lady told me her tax dollars pays for me & my family & my mistakes, sorry having a child isnt a mistake its a blessing but w.e. & i read her piczo & her journal stated how she had no job & has medical through the state. so looks like my TAX dollars where paying her MEDICAL & her a__s to sit around! lol i laughed.


durante baby - September 21

You know what?...So what if our tax dollars pay to help a family in need??? its going to come out of checks anyways, and I would rather see it put food in a childs mouth, and get a famiy medical a__sistance if needed, then then get used to Pave a road that noone EVER uses (We see alot of that in vegas).....yes alot of teens dont know how hard it is to have a baby, and get overwellmed with the exspence and stress of having a baby, but does anyone ever really know how hard it is to raise a child??? If they need help Im more then happy to give them my tax dollars!! What kills me is the people, who are on aid, by cheating and lieing, and dont need it!!! Then someone who really does need it has a hell of a time getting aid from the state!!....Oh and another thing....Dont say MY tax dollars, cause its everyones too, most likely even the ones supposidly useing "YOUR" tax dollars is also useing their own....Just because they get aid from the state doesnt mean they dont work!


ChattyKathy - September 21

Only a small portion of tax dollars actually goes to things like welfare, and the largest amount of people living off government income are married older couples. Thats a fact. Really, at your age there are SO many things people have a right to say. You should have aborted, no abortion is wrong, why don't you give them up, why don't you accept responsibility, why don't you work to support them, why don't you get your education, blah blah blah. They don't know what they're talking about. Things happen, life moves on. You're doing the best you can.


kendra.marie - September 21

amen durante thats how i feel hunni people say i USE THERE DOLLARS. because i had medical well i make to much now i cant get any medical the medical was just on kelsey not me & all but yah know its stupid that i use everyones dollars yet i work alot of hours so its my dollars too lol


kay101 - September 21

HAHA my daughter has tricare which is military insurance, but she had medicaid before that kicked in. I've been paying taxes since I was 15 so I considered whatever got used MY tax dollars going towards MY daughter.


FutureTwinMom - September 21

Kendra-Marie When I stated thet you where going to use my tax dollars. I ment by the fact that you are intentionally trying to have multiples at a young age and it is VERY hard. I myself am pregnant with twins and even though me and my husband own a successful contruction company, we worry constantly if we are going to have enough help etc etc. Which brings me to the subject, I dont even have a pizco account, so you are definatley looking at someone elses profile. I wish you luck in your journey and hope you get what you desire.


Zeelful - September 27

agree with lunamoo, yes they actually DO their jobs. Money going to these breeders is given away free, no job required


kendra.marie - September 27

twin mommy- i was not implying you because i understood what you were saying when you wrote that stuff to me it was someone else on here. lol. sorry for you thinking that was to you; it wasnt to you or about you. lol


GimmeaBub - September 27

Do you guys get alot money when you have a baby over there? I am just enquiring over here people are always uptight about welfare mums, cause they get $5000 when the bub is born, homes west housing, and child payments every fortnight, but then our prime minister has a winge about it, which is hypocritical cause he then go stays in hotels, that cost $15,000 for a night out of tax dollars. I am not against child care payments only because I work, my other half works, but even if we were earning double as much a year as we do now it still wouldnt be enough to raise a baby soley on our income. But i have worked since i was 16 so i like to think, I am getting back what i spent lol. We live in the 3rd most expensive city in the world, the housing market is shocking, i have been lucky enough to get early, however it is said that in the next 20 years that most our population will be renting, and the other part will own their homes, it goes back to the old saying 'the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer'. I dont have alot of issues with welfare mums, the only thing that gets my back up is when the government spends money on cutting down more trees and planting more new housing, out of tax dollars, because i respect the earth, and the last thing we really need is less trees :) Baby Juice


kendra.marie - September 27

gimmeabub- i live in iowa the middle of the united states- and its hard to get any legal help here when you have a child & work im not even 18 & my t_tle 19(state medical) has dropped me cuz my income requirements; but i cant even get partial insurance because yet again i make to much money as a single MOTHER(even though my boyfriend & kelseys farther is here; that shows how much & how low the income requirements are here!) yes 32,000 is low for a 3 person family sorry but i have house payments, electricity for my home, i need gas for my house & i have car payments, gas, food & so much more & they expect us to have enough money to pay for medical for our familys even if we bring in 33,000. i bring in alot of money but after bills & everything its hard to afford a good medical coverage & i hate that i get downgrades for being A TEEN MOTHER. i work my a__s off probably more hours then older moms do to support my family & im going to school im doing lots because i have a family that will not hold back my dreams. trust me im sick of just being a DAMN TEENAGE MOTHER. im a great mom & people need to stop being so judgmental about teenage mothers~ seriously. guhhh


GimmeaBub - September 27

Kendra Marie i agree i know heaps of good teenage mothers, hard working ones like you, and i agree there it too much stereotism (i hope thats make sense) lol over thoes who do have their children younge , like i said over here it's terrible, I have often thought of moving to the us just to see if its cheaper living lol. But then again i suppose how you go about things too. I am now going casual at my job due to a car accident which causes me to visit my gp twice a week, go to physiopherapy everyday at 4pm, i then have to see my solicitor on the other side of the city, do hydropherapy on mondays at 12pm till 1pm, I also have to go to counselling ( i suffer badly from anxiety attacks) and now they want me to see a specialist, because i have muscle damage, i am stretched, had needles put in me left right and centre, poked, rubbed, i have to use heat packs on 4 different types of medication it never ends. So now because of all that and working i have had to lose work hours and go casual, although the pay is much higher its not a guaranteed steady income every week. So along wif ttc and going through all that c___p only to feel like a peice of play doh, do you think i dont struggle? I am not even on any welfare paymenst and often struggle, lucky for me DF is very supportive and has a pretty good income we can get through but he's been my biggest leaning post. I culdnt imagine yourself as hard working mother, trying to jet start your career, be a good care giver and put food in your childs belly, Oh trust me i agree with you 100%. The reason people judge is because they have seen things that make them think otherwise. I know 3 younge girls all sisters all teenagers all got babies, or toddlers, they have had the chance to work now thattheir children are a little older but they dont, not even there childrens fathers, but thats only a small majority of younge parents. Therefore i do not judge thoes who i do not know :). I have no doubt your a just as hardworking as anybody out there who is your age or older. Baby Juice


kendra.marie - September 27

amen babe = god i love when someone else realizes what life is about its not about the mistakes or the regrets about life or anything along those lines.



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