Just A Question To Pregnant Or Wanting To Be Pregnant Teens

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tiffani - February 17

I hope you don't mind me asking, but are you pregnant (or trying to become) because you want to be, or was it a true accident. If you are pregnant, what are you hopes and dreams for yourself and your child? Are you still with the babies father? I'm trying to shed some light on teen pregnancy. These are not questions to start a feud, I am truly interested.


becca - February 17

hey im 15 and 38 weeks pregnant i will be honest it was a true accident but i must admit me and my boyfriend of two years didnt use all that much protection so i no it our fault and we take responsability for that but now we are both very happy and so excited on becoming parents its changed us completely in a good way i am going to give the best i can to my child and we are (me and the farther) going to get a good education go to college all of it its going to be harder now with a baby but its still capable well thats my story:)


Jen - February 17

i am 17 and 6 weeks pregnant, my boyfriend is overseas in the Navy right now. it was not something that was planned. when he came home for 2 weeks, obviously, since we had not seen each other, we decided to have a little s_x. this is the end result. i am very excited to me a new mom, but my boyfriend does not know, simply cuz i have not been able to talk to him, since they have him on the ship.


tiffani - February 17

Thank You for sharing your story. I think we all make mistakes, but it's what we learn from them and how we deal with the consequences that matter. becca~ I'm glad to hear you're still planning on furthering your education, that really is the key to a successful future. Are you prepared for labor and delivery? Any questions you need answered about what to expect? Jen~ Wow, I'm sorry for your situation. Is your boyfriend stationed overseas or is he out to sea? When do you plan on seeing or talking to him? Jen~ Have you been to the doctors yet? Do you guys have support from your families?


becca - February 17

with the labour and birth thing i am completely terrified honestly i just cant stand the thaught of having all that pain and it not going away i have a hole load of questions so many i dont know where to begin


tiffani - February 17

becca~ Labor and delivery terrified me when I was pregnant with my first. I am a firm believer in pain medication and made it absolutley clear that I wanted eveything under the sun to take away my pain. Labor is painful, but manageable. Are you considering an epidural? Have you taken any cla__ses to help you prepare, like lamaze perhaps?


Mommy2Kylie - February 17

I didn't plan my pregnancy, I was finishing Culinary Arts school and found out. I decided to keep my baby, shes 3 months old now and Im still with her father. I was 18 when I got pregnant, and 19 when I had her.


jaimee - February 17

i'm turning 17 in a few months and my b/f is turning 16. all i've wanted my whole life was to have a family of my own because mine wasn't the best, to say the least. since i was very young i've always been surrounded by babys n i've always had a very strong maternal instinct. and now that i've found the person i want to spend the rest of my life with i can't wait until i get to experience the blessing of motherhood. <3


Chantelle - February 17

I am 17, didn't try to get pregnant but I am more happier now knowing that I didn't plan it.. It's a surprise and I couldn't be happier then I am knowing that something is growing inside of me! My hopes and dreams are as long as it's happy then I am happy... I am still with the father of the child and we couldn't be happier then what this child is going to bring


Lauren - February 17

Hey, I'm 19 and exactly 10 weeks pregnant today. It wasn't something that was planned, although my boyfriend and I weren't exactly careful in the BC area, so I suppose you could say it was. I'm 4 months away from finishing my Hairdressing course, and before coming pregnant my intentions were to start a Beautician's course at the end of this year, but with the baby being due in September, that looks doubtful until next year. No, I'm not still with the baby's dad. He left me as soon as the pregnancy was confirmed. Considering we were together for 2 1/2 years, he isn't one bit interested in the baby or what happens after it's born, in fact, he's been pushing for an abortion from the moment he found out. Not something I ever intended to do. I don't know why so many teenagers become pregnant, but things happen, I'm just getting on with it as best I can. X


Hilary - February 18

Im 18, all my pregnancies were oops... but it worked out. I love my lil babies. I was a freshman when I had Sami. I finished with my GED in October, so a month late. I'm starting college in spring-summer


becca - February 18

i dont know wether i am going to have the epidural because i never know wether i can handle the pain if i just go str8 to that i want to try it all with out meds first to c if i could b brave enough to go all the way and im also sooo scared of needles, no i havent been to any cla__ses i havent heard of that one you said i live in england if that makes a differnce but my midwife gives me advice on breathing and positions ect


tiffani - February 18

Lauren~ Sorry about your immature boyfriend. Unfortunatley your situation is all too common. It's disheartning to hear, and even harder to experience. I hope you have support from your family, because you're going to need it. Does his family know you're pregnant? Are you getting prenatal care? Hang in there, and let me know if I can answer any questions or offer up some advice. Hilary~ Congrats on getting you GED and starting college. That's admirable, especially with 2 little ones. becca~ It's great that you're going to try it naturally. I think everyone should atleast attempt it if they can. If you find labor to be too unbearable, TRUST ME when I say the epidural is no big deal, especially when compared to actual labor. They use this tiny thin little needle to numb you before they do anything else. Once you're numb (almost immediately) then the doctor will proceed with the epidural. After you get the epidural, it's smooth sailing. Usually when you're about 9cm dialated they'll easy up on the epidural meds so you can feel the contractions (so you know when to push) but it's still a huge pain reliever. I'm not sure about birthing cla__ses in England (i'm in the USA) but i'm sure your midwife is taking good care of you and will help you along. Take care and stay in touch. :o)


ally - February 19

im not trying at the moment, but i want to get pregnant. i am almost 16, it is young i know but i feel like this is the right time for me. i think about it every day, i had a pregnancy scare last month and when i found out i wasnt i cried and cried. i had everything sorted out and i was so excited. i dont care what people think of me, because this is what i want to do with my life. my best friend always said, a life without challenges is a life without exsistence. and if i get pregnant, no i wont be with the babys father, he is my boyfriend at the moment but i know that it wont work out, i have talked to him and he said that if its what i really want he will give it to me but he doesnt want anything to do with it. i think it is so unfair how girls are picked on for being pregnant, its out life, our choice its not up to anyone else.


tiffani - February 19

ally~ The thing that makes me sad about your story is when you acknowledge that you have no intentions of staying with your boyfriend and he wants nothing to do with a child. Do you think this is fair? You would be bringing this baby into the world already at a disadvantage. I understand the need to have a baby, but I wish you would wait until you have a better life to offer the baby. I'm sorry I couldn't be encouraging, to encourage this would be wrong. I wish you well. :o)


bu - September 23




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