Just A Quick Question About Carol

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lauren - December 3

I have been reading all of these threads about this carol women and just have a couple of questions... she has been posting on these boards for about 5 months or so, has she been claiming to be pregnant the whole time? Because on the ost recent boards she says she is only 12 weeks along....... I just want to know what her deal is, and how old she is???? anyone have any ideas??? im not trying to bash her either, im just honestly interested in her story.


. - December 4



.. - December 4

CAROL* even...how embra__sing


... - December 4

whatever im dislexic


lisa - December 4

she has been 'trying to concieve' for about that time, and now she is 12 weeks along. people seem to dislike her because she used a turkey baster to concieve, and some of her comments can seem unthoughtful, although others are nice. she basically got on all of our backs so no one likes her now


not another post - December 4

carol devoting another post to herself, it seems to be a daily thing


.... - December 4

It is not just because of the turkey baster.If she hadn't had all the post deleted you would know why.Anyone with common sense know if you don't want someone to know somthing you destroy it.In this case delete it.She is a normal 15 y/o who "knows everything".Her story is because she is a bookkeeper for her uncle,writes storys and profits,and homschooled herself to finish high school at 16 and now she is ready to have a baby.We better not forget she ammits not to share the intrests of typocal teens.She still has the maturity of any other 15y/o.Of course she has her life figered out becuause of all of that.If that isn't a typocal 15 then what is?I don't hate because she is 15.We all look back at 15 and say why did I .......


hi - December 4

if you ask me she is bored and trying to start trouble or trying to see how many people still hate her.i have read a post thatsaid she uses all of us like a game and i believe it.and yes carolbookeeping is a offical t_tle.it is someone who is not a cpa and keeps finical record for a company.normal companyswill not hire you unless you have further education outside of highschool and it is the basic of accounting.anyone with half a brain can do it.i have seen you argue this issue before


. - December 4




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