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Terry - October 28

Hi, I am 16 years old. Four and a half months ago the condom failed with predictable results. I had for three and a half months been able to conceal my condition. Unfortunately for the last month and a half this has been increasingly dificult. The eventual and invetable fact of my family and friends, those who dont know already, finding out about my condition doesnt mater. My bigest concern right now is finding clothes that fit, specifically underwear. Ive been to several maternity stores only to be told that I am too young to be in them without my parent or guardian. I cant order stuff on-line cause I dont have a credit card yet. Right now I have resorted to wearing sweats. Can anyone help me. Also I am wondering what to expect in the coming months and how to get through labor. I realize most of the information that I want and need is out there but I would like to hear from other teens who have gone through this.


- October 28

u can get stuff a kid to kid store, kmart walmart. they all carry materinty clothes.


Terry - October 29

Unfortunately K-mart and walmart take the same stance at the checkout stand that the maternity stores do at the door. In the past two months I have been to half a dozen walmarts and at least as many Kmarts, deparment stores are no better. I have been told politely and impolitely that I cannot purchase such items without a parent of guardian present. In one store I was even escorted out by the security guard after getting into a shouting match with the manager.


Mommy - October 29

Wow, that's strange. I was 15 when I first got pregnant and they let me buy them at Walmart. That is weird. How old is the guy that got you pregnant? Because if he is over 18 he can buy them for you. My bf at the time was 19 and he was usually with me when we bought them...actually he WAS the one buying them. Oops. Anyway you could ask him to get them if he's old enough.


Tam - October 29

How do they know you aren't buying them for someone else?? What right do they have to try to prevent you from making any purchase, regardless of what it is! I have never heard of such a thing happening. I would demand to speak to the manager of the store, How rude!!


Terry - October 29

Mommy, Tam; thanks for the support and advice. Unfortunately the "Guy" in this case is long gone, he is 18 and newly enroled in the marines. I dont like him enough to contact him about my condition and by the time he comes back it will be moot point. On the other subject I have had heated discussions with several store managers and they all say the same thing. It does not mater whether I am buying them for myself or someone else. Underage girls cannot purchase maternity wear without the presence of a parent or guardian. I however did learn that this is a recent change in policy brought about by several law suits. Luckily, thanks mostly the advice I have received here in the last 24 hours I was able with the help of my girlfriend to purchase several items from a store in the mall. Ironically this is one of the same stores that kicked me out last month, I think this time I was able to do it because the manager wasnt present. Thanks for all your help and advice. I am still looking for more of the same though and any words of wisdom on what to expect in the weeks and months ahead.


Jbear - October 30

Where on earth do you live that they won't let you in the maternity stores? Do they ask to see an ID before they tell you you're too young? I've worked in age-restricted businesses before, and sometimes it's impossible to tell the difference between a 16 year old and a 25 year old without asking for an ID. I've never heard of an age restriction for underpants, either. I'm not calling you a liar, I'm just wondering if you live somewhere with odd laws (and then I can look it up and see if they're actual laws or if you're being discriminated against.) It makes me mad to think of stores turning you away. Anyhow, most people don't really wear those huge maternity underpants...bikini pants worn below the "baby bump" are much more comfortable, and usually will fit throughout the pregnancy. Otherwise, regular underwear two sizes larger than usual would probably suffice. If you're attempting to hide your pregnancy, you wouldn't want to wear real maternity clothes, because the fit is designed to show off a pregnancy. It's not realistic or safe to conceal your pregnancy, though...I'm a__suming you're not seeing a doctor, but you need to be. Also, if you hide your pregnancy until you give birth, what will you do with the baby? Keep in mind, too, that teens often have babies with lower birthweights and it could be dangerous for a small baby to be born outside of a hospital setting. Your mom probably already knows you have a problem, unless you've been pretending to have periods for the last four months.


Melissa - October 30

If you live in California..there is a "safe surrender" law...when you have your baby you can take him/her to the nearest ER to be placed in the care of the doctor/nurses. The baby has to be less than 2-3 days old and you can leave it there, no questions asked.Social sevices will then be called and the baby will be placed in a foster home to be taken care of proprerly. But if you do this..you forfiet all parental rights to your child. But if you are desperate(some teens are) and dont know where else to turn, this could be an option for you. At least you know the child will be taken care....and not abandoned in the bushes..or in a dumpster somewhere. Good luck and take care



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