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chelsie - September 16

ok im 18 and im was just wondering how long after conception will you get the signs... Like sleeping more and urinating more and change in eating and all that stuff.... im about to be 19 and me and my boyfriend want to have a baby so he "came" in me and im supposed to start my preiod the 18th or so... and he "came" in me about the 23rd of August...Ohh... Also, i was wondering what is this about hardness in the lower stomach? I read something about it but i just dont know! ---Thanks Bunches---


Sam - September 16

Hey,im almost 8 months pregnant. Heresafew of the signs i got and around the time i got them. Morning sickness-I started to get this about a week after i concieved(a week before my period was due)-i never actually been sick just felt very sick,i seemed to get this more at night when i first got into bed. Frequent Urination-I did'nt really notice a change in how much i was weeing til i was about 2or 3 months pregnant. Headaches-I remember having quitealot of headaches-i think that they started a couple of days before my period was due and i had them until i was about 2 months pregnant and they slowly started to ware off(i still get them now sometimes). They are the only signs i can remember getting,although i did spot,i spotted the day before my period was due. Hope this helped-if u wanna chat heres my email [email protected]


Viv - September 16

Well, he came in you during your last period, or just at the end. There is a chance of getting pregnant from that, but not a whole lot. Day 8 to 15 of your cycle is the most fertile. You get to feel some of the early signs around Day 25, which is how Early Response claims to be able to pick up your pregnancy hormones 4 days before your period is due. Sometimes it does, and often it doesn't. For my part, I would liek to see you wait another 5 to 10 years before getting pregnant. You will probably have half a dozen different boyfriends in that time. Play it safe!



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