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neodizaster - February 24

I found out last Saturday (2-21) that I'm pregnant. I'm 18, and I live with my boyfriend of 3 years. When we found out his first reaction was abortion. But I've never really been for them. He's told his parents, his mother will we dissapointed if we don't keep it. She wants to be a grandmother. And I don't talk to my parents. I talked to my boyfriend, and I think we are going to keep it. It will be difficult I'm sure, but I think we are ready. Any advice from anyone. I don't exactly know what to do. I'm too scared to ask my sister whose pregnant. Shes six years older then me.


ashchik - February 24



hattie - February 24

i think u need to ask yourself wat u want to do, an talk to ur boyfrend about it, becoz altho she mite love to be a grandmother its you that has to bring up a child for the next 18 years. my boyfrends mother was exactly the same, fortunately we all felt the same way but if ur not sure DONT just keep your baby for your boyfrends mothers sake. Watever u decide good luck and congratulations xx


Jellybean - February 24

It's important that this is your decision. How do you feel about becoming a parent now? What support will you have from your boyfriends family once the baby is born? Do you both work, and how will this change once you have a child? I would suggest speaking to your sister - you're considering taking on a huge responsibility and she will know you and your situation better than anybody here. Why do you feel too scared to speak to her? If you're in a position where you feel able to cope with having a child, you need to be able to deal with difficult or daunting situations, and if you're going to continue with the pregnancy it would be useful for you to have as much support from the people who are close to you as you can. xxx


neodizaster - February 24

I just wanted to add on, that I do want the baby. We both work, and we will work. Because we have opposite schedules. We will be fine in raising a child. We are both very responsible. I know his family will be more than happy to help us with whatever we need. But I don't speak to mine, and wouldn't ask anything from them anyways. I just hate talking to them, because they don't understand me. But I feel like I am definately ready to raise a child, and give it a great life.By the time I have it I will be 19, and he will be 21. So it's not like we are as young as some others in here (like the 14 year olds trying) I'm just nervous because it is a big decision. Which I feel is more then reasonable. Anyways, I got off track. Me wanting the baby, isn't about the would be grandmother. I don't care if she's dissapointed. It wouldn't be her responsibility. I more or less just found that humorous.


Jellybean - February 24

It's good to know that you feel confident and that you're happy with your decision. What is it you're confused about? You've asked for advice, saying you're not sure what to do - could you maybe clarify which part of this you need advice on? xxx


maren - February 24

first congradulations!!!! and i second what the two above me have said dont feel like you have to have this child because his mom wants to be a grandmother. If she loves and cares about the both of you she will be suportive in whatever decision you have made about this. You say that your not for abortions so right there you know that there is now way you will do that. Im glad you and your Bf have talked it out. Have you guys figured out your finances like how much diapers and formula will cost if you bottle feed or if you guys can make rent and get the baby items needed when you are on matternity leave which is generally about 6 weeks. Also do you have health insurance if so i would call them ASAP to see if they cover prenatal visits and the baby. If you dont have health insurance try to get some very fast wether its through your work or the government. There is no way you would be able to afford the doctor and hospital cost with out health insurance. For me just for my regular prenatal and postnatal care my doctor fee is some where around $3,400.00 thank god i do have insurance. That fee is different for every doctor so i would also check out doctors if you dont have one. Jellybean is right we dont know your situation we can only help you based on what we are doing and going through your sister would know more about your situation and be able to help you in a more personal way. well i hope you figure everything that you need to out and best of luck, how are you feeling?


Jamie-Lee - February 28

I'm 19.I just found out the 26th that I'm pregnant.Not sure how far along I am just yet.My boyfriend wanted me to get an abortion at first but we talked about it and he came around.Maybe if you talk to him and tell him how you feel he will come around too.My e-mail addy is [email protected] if you want someone to talk to.



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