Just Found Out I M Pregnant With My First

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linn - November 14

hey, i'm 18 and live in SC, USA with my mom and my 3 siblings and my sister's bf. 9 cats and 3 dogs and 2 rats. :) yea, big family, and they are all supportive of me. im about 2 months along. i was just recently engaged to my boyfriend, who is 20, of 1 and a half years and everything's going perfect for me. i want to have a natural birth in a tub of water. but people keep telling me it's going to be very painful and i'm going to have lots of trouble. i know it's different for everyone but i was wondering if anyone could give me some advice or cheer me up about the idea! haha. i really am excited and i see this unexpected pregnancy as a new door to my future. i'm sure i can pull through this and i'm sure anyone else out there that found out you're pregnant can do the same. i don't believe in abortion, so that's no option for me!!!! and i don't think anyone else should choose it either. if you don't want the baby, sign up for one of those places to give the baby into a loving, adopting family right after you have the baby. good luck to all of you and i hope you have a good life. :P


pg08 - November 14

Congrats.it is so nice to here dat ur family is supportive and it sounds like ur very happy.consider ur self lucky cuz not all families r like urs. Good luck! Keep us posted bout ur new addition!


Krissy25 - November 14

My advice to you is to do some research about the tub thing.A lot of hospitals will let you labor in a tub but not deliver in one. So if that is really what you want you need to find a hospital that will let you do that or there is the option of settng up a tub in your home. I had a planned c-section so no labor at all for me but i have heard a lot of women say that at least being able to labor in a tub is very helpful and relaxing.


kendra.marie - November 15

Krissy is right 2 of my friends have had water births (well labors)one was only able to have labor in the tub when she was ready to push they put her in the bed. i've always been interested in one; maybe this baby ill do that way but who knows all people change their minds =]


Stephanie_31 - November 15

I agree with Krissy and Kendra, most hospitals do not let you deliver in the tub. I have attended all my best friends deliveries and the second it was in a tub. She found the detachable shower head being spraryed on the area of the contraction was very helpful for her. Out of her 4 children that was the easiest labour for her and it was also her biggest baby!


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - November 15

I wanted to go natural...my water bag ruptured so they had to induce me. The contractions were unbearable. I had to get an epidural. My sister did natural labor with 5 of her kids. The other 2 were epidural. Some can and some can't. I know my next baby I will be getting one as well (my daughter is 2 months so no baby any time soon, but when I do lol) I love kids. I don't want a big family though. I have a bigger family then most people and I wanna keep mine small...maybe 2-3 kids, but not more then that. My husband wants more tho. But hope all goes well. Do you plan to find out what you are having, I didn't want to lol but I did.



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