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chip - December 31

i am 16, and my gf is 3 months pregnant, i went throw the tests and blood work and telling my parents. i dont really have a question i was just wondering if there was other teenage parents out there that could give me a heads up on what to expect i mean, i have a great job where i make enough to support all 3 of us, but raising a child... i no nothing about...


Ameigh - December 31

hey chip, do you have hotmail or msn or anything? if you do add me:: [email protected] im 15, 39 weeks pregnant, due January 6th, single and love talking to other people about parenting and stuff like that. i would love to help you out with anything i can. hope to talk to you soon


chip - December 31

hey ameigh, u can email me at [email protected] or im me at indiesurfer4life thank you so much, im like freaking out i dont no what to do


court - December 31

ur in for a bumpy ride!! pregnancy/babys are a huge test to a relationship. if u 2 get through this, u will make it through ANYTHING. it takes a real man to be a father, and i wish u the BEST of luck. u EVER need to talk, come here!!!


terri - December 31

hey chip.. that is awesome that you are sticking my your gf in a time like this. it only goes to show what kind of guy you are. i am 21 years old and expecting my second child tomorrow. i had my first son at 14 5 dasy shy of my 15th birthday and me and the father are still together after 9 years(in march). so i just wanted to let you know that it can be done and congrats on the pregnancy. parenting will come naturally to most, i know with my son i was not used to having babies around older children but not babies and we did awesome or at least i like to think that. he is now almost 7 in march attends grade 1 and he is an awesome child with a heart of gold. he would do anything for anyone. mind you has his bad habits just like every other child but he is worth everything to me. he is my lil man and i dont know what i would ever do without him. good luck!!


chip - December 31

thank you to all, for as of right now i can relate to what court is saying, her moodswings are every irrating but i love her more then anyhing we have been together sence we were in the 6th grade(now in 10th), and ive also experienced some upsides, the other day when we went to the doctors we got the hear the babies heart beat for the first time, and to be honest, it brought a tear or 2 from my eye(lol that doesnt leave this forum)


jeff - December 31

you are staying around???? idk if i ever got a girl pregnant i would be dip..... not for me... i would just pay child support, chip think u should reconcider


to jeff. - December 31

don't try to change his mind.. he's doing the right thing and sticking with her. he's being mature about it.. Chip- I'm proud of you! at least you're sticking to it. GOOD LUCK to both of you!!! i wish you well.


court - December 31

jeff...your a disgrace to men/BOYS. chip, my boyfriend of 2 years DIPPED and it was the worst thing that has happened to me. and he wasnt 16...he was 22. what your doing is VERY VERY admirable, and if more guys were like u, the world would b a MUCH better place! stay by her side sweetie, i cant IMAGINE my life growing up without my father in it. and if hearing the heartbeat made u teary...wait till the sonogram!!! youll be cryin like a baby! and with her moodswings...there gonna get worse, lol, but you guys will be just fine. try to make humor out of them, thats what everyone around me does, and i have bad moodswings. and time will FLY by, i promise!! youll be holding that baby before u know it. keep coming back here and let us know how things are going!! congratulations hun!!! o yea...do u 2 plan on taking parenting cla__ses??


chip - December 31

idk.... didnt no they had parenting cla__s.... lol, i probably could use that... i mean we have a place to stay the money and anything else... but what do i do with the child lol... my s/n is on the 2nd response if any1 hear could give me any info on this parenting cla__s, by the way jeff ur an a__s hole... sry thats flat out,


courtney - December 31

hey chip!! just ask your doctor about them. they wont start till probably her 3rd trimester, but its good to get registered now!! your doctor will tell u alll about it. the cla__ses are usually once a week, and last a couple hours for about 4 weeks. they cover "caring for an infant" and your g/f's breathing and postions etc. during labor. highly recommend them!! will give u and mommy some time to bond also.


chip - January 1

grrr... can any pregnant or have been pregnant girl out there tell me about these d__n mood swings, i mean it seems that we fight alot, and that scares me bczu we are so young so i want us to last and i dont wanna put my child throw divorce..., do they last forever??


Maggie - January 2

Hi Chip, I know I'm a bit old for this forum (I'm 26), but I come here because I think a lot of these girls get a bad rep when all they need is some good, adult advice. Good for you for standing up and taking responsibility, this already proves you are on your way to being a good father. I have a five year old son, and I'm 33 weeks pregnant with my daughter, so I have quite a bit of experience. I think parenting cla__ses are great for parents at any age. You should contact your gf doctor. They should be able to give you a list of places that offer these cla__ses. You can also call the hospital that the baby will be delivered in, because that is usually where the cla__ses are held. You and your gf should read the book "What to Expect When You're Expecting". This book is largely considered the bible to pregnancy. You should also get the book "What to Expect the First Year". That book answers just about every question you may have about infant care. The best thing about these books is that they are written in plain english, and are very easy to understand. The advice I can give you about how to deal with your pregnant gf is this: Understand that her body is being flooded with hormones. She has no control over how these hormones will effect her, and unfortunately that could mean crazy mood swings. She doesn't mean to p__s you off, but she is feeling tired, hungry (or extremely sick), and she is probably really stressed out. She has to live with the baby growing inside HER body. A lot of men think they understand what their women are going through, but the fact is that you really can't fully comprehend it. This is not anything for you to feel guilty about, you just need to be as understanding as you can be toward her. I hope this helps, if you have any other questions ask away. I'll keep checking in. Good luck to you and your gf.


lynn - January 2

my baby is 2mths its a little hard but im so happy!!!


chip - January 2

i just got the worst news ever... my mom got a job transfer for the company she works for.... from nj to arizona.... i have no idea what to do right now... ive been told that i can spend parts of fall sprin and winter when im not in school. and i was allowed to spend the summer with her... this wood be until she graduates... thats still a year.... this sucks more then anythign, my mom did say that when she grads she can move in with me... but still this sucks a lot


chip con't - January 2

thank u maggie, i am happy to see that amount of respect i get for staying, but this is going to be very hard for me to be away from her for a few months at a time


jessy - January 2

yeah im pregnant right now...15 years old and 7 weeks pregnant. im glad that your sticking by your girlfriend threw all of this. not to many people out there like that these days. luckily my boyfriend knows about it and he is sticking with me and went and got 2 jobs to help me out!! well i hope everything goes good for you!!



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