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Soleil - June 9

Y do u teens want a baby? I guess u always want what u dont have. And some of you come on here sayin you want someone to love or whatever and that shouldnt be a reason to have a baby. Im not here to dawg anyone for wanting a baby, babies are a blessing but they are hard work. When i was younger i use to want a baby, i guess cuz all the girls around me had one and they got a lot of attention and to me it seemed easy or atleast they made it seem easy when they were out infront of people but i discovered it wasnt. Mann babies are soo expensive, are you finnacially stable, i mean not some petty job that the most u could make is like 10-12 bucks an hour, i mean a real job that will allow you to support you and your baby? Formula and diapers are soo expensive, i tried to br___tfeed but i just had no milk, they told me it was because i didnt drink enough fluids or ate, plus it hurt soo bad, i had blisters on my nipples so i wasnt really siked about br___t feeding even though its best for the baby. Anyways its a huge responsiblity, you will not be able to go out at all, and babies need your attention 24/7. My G-d, i feel im lucky that my baby isnt that fussy but either way i have to play with her, or she justs needs my attention 90% of the day, and that gets in the way of a simple nap, or just to sit there and watch tv, or just to relax on a chair, cant do that no more,, not only that its a whole lot of work! I swear her carseat is heavier then her, you gotta take them everywhere with you, even to like 7/11, i hate going to 7/11 for that whole minute i gotta be there i gotta take her and then carry her and the carseat which is just way to heavy for me! Like i said im not here to dawg anyone or convince anyone to not have a baby, this is just my story, i swear i get sooo frustrated that i cry cuz its just a lot of work, i mean i love my baby but i wish i would have waited cuz i wish i was able to go out with my friends to clubs, or just chill by myself, i work part time and go to school full-time, im lucky to have my boyfriend who helps me, we dont pay a babysitter because i dont know i just dont feel comfortable leaving my baby with someone i dont know like that so i work mornings and he works evenings and while i go to school my mom takes care of my baby or my cousin. which is great. I just dont have time for myself anymore. AHHHHH. I dont think id have another baby


ROf - June 9

Shouldn't you be taking care of your baby instead of taking the time to type up all of THIS?


soleil - June 9

For ur info, shes right next to me sleeping so i got plenty of time to type


Jaya - June 9

you are so RIGHT!!!!! its really hard no matter how much you want a baby. people our age dont realize what a baby means. they just think its a doll to show off. well its a big wake up call. you wouldnt be without your baby but id say wait til you are older and more stable.


Lisa - June 9

If all the teens having baby's had a 'taste' of what its like to be a parent and how hard it is, before they fell pregnant and had a baby, the rate of teen pregnancy would drop significantly! There is no way of getting through to them, even coming from another teen like yourself. You can tell them how hard it is and what they're missing out on, but ultimately, if they are determined to be mothers, no amount of advice is going to change their minds. If teens were given a baby for a week as part of their s_x education at school, most of them would never entertain the concept of being a parent until they are truly ready for it.


Trish - June 9

Lisa - you are so right!


Trish - June 9

Soleil, Just for the record - you sound like a wonderful mom thus far.


soleil - June 9

Trish thanks so much, i do try my best to be a good mother. Lisa you are sooooo right!!


Robyn - June 10

I think at the age of 12 in schools girls and boys sould be paired up and given a VIRTUAL BABY to look after for a week. It would put girls our age even having s_x! All of the ppl at my school had 1 and they are completely put off and they've realised that they deff. don't want a baby lol luv Robyn x X x X x


Audrey - June 10

I agree with Robyn, virtual babies should be used as teaching tools to show teenagers what having a child is really like. That would certainly give them pause for thought!


anon - June 11

teenagers never think of what it costs to have a baby and their ability to raise it properly, which only reinforces the reason why they shouldn't be parents at such a young age.


Reba - June 12

We had Baby Think It over Dolls in Highschool but didn't get to take the cla__s until 11th Grade so a lot of us were already s_xually active. And it was only for one night (except for me...stupid snow days I got the baby on thursday was supposed to turn it in on Friday but we got a blizzard so I had it until the following tuesday...and to make things worse it was a crack baby! Fun weekend for me! I agree that They should be handed out in eigth grade at the latest and again in say 10th grade as a reminder LOL and for at least 2nights in a row and they should ALL be programmed to be crack babies.


KT - June 20

maybe teenagers could find out if there is a place they can get hold of one of these virtual babies before they decide on having a real baby?



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