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Danielle - March 24

hi everyone. i'm 15 n pregnant...i just found out yesterday actually. i talked to my boyfriend about it and he says he'll be here but of course things can change. i feel like i just want to break down and cry but i can't. my boyfriend is a wreck and is doing enough breaking down for the both of us. my mom kicked my older brother out when he was 13 because he was always in trouble so now i feel like she'll kick me out too. my mom is like that, she's selfish. and my boyfriend's parents are going to, i dont even know what. when i first told him he wanted me to get an abortion but told him no...and now hes sayng that if i want to have the baby then okay. i just need someone to talk to. i cant talk to any f my friends cause none of them would understand and theywould just think how stupid i am. if you guys have any advce, feel free to give it. my email is [email protected] so yeah.... thanks for reading.


Maya - March 24

i' m glad u didn't get an abotion. did u go 2 the doctors yet?


Danielle - March 24

no i havent gone yet....my brother said he'll take me cause my boyfriend is spending the next week in NY... n i obviously havent told my mom yet


Maya - March 24

well i emailed u so... any way how far along do u think u are ?


Danielle - March 24

i have no clue...maybe 2-3 weeks. not that far


maya - March 24

well u still have more than enough time to tell ur mom. she will understand. my brother didn't tell my mom about my neice until she was a week old. she didn't understand and she loves her. u should start eating right. ur mom will see that u need her.


michelle - March 24

hey how u doing ?is ur brother helping u out? how old is ur brother and boyfriend?


maya - March 25

my email is like crazy. did u get them


okoiya - March 25

Wow it's nice to hear that someone's going through the same thing as I am. If my mom finds out she'll kill me cause i'm only 15!1


becca - March 26

so you defanatly going to keep it you do no that you dont have to if you dont want to its your choose and you need to think long and hard im have a two week old girl called paris she is beautiful but when i found out i was so scared but i made my choice and all the way through pregnancy i doubted that i made the right one but now i no i did but u may be differnt there are lots of websites to help your through just search and here a gr8 help


Danielle - March 26

michelle--my brother is helping me out...he'll be 18 next month. and my boyfriend is almost 16. becca- yeah, i mean i want t keep it...i just dont know what im gonna do if i dont have anyone to support me. im just scared


michelle - March 27

u are lucky 2 have them both in your life and they are helping im happy 4 u and i bet they will b with u all the way no matter what


katie - March 27

im 14 and 30wks pregnant u made a gd choice :-) and u r realy lucky havin both of them there 4 u and if u wanna talk my addy is [email protected] xxx


maya - March 27

hey i was visiting my family and couldn't find a computer. how is everyone?


Jocelyn - March 27

Hi Danielle, I was 15 when I first became pregnant and I am now 24. If you find the people your age can't relate to how you are feeling or what your going through please feel free to contact me via e-mail at [email protected] and if you have msn I go on there also.


you lie - March 27

so sad boo hoo


maya - March 27

r u talking about danielle?



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