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alicia - March 16

okay 3 months ago i was raped. it was my first s_xual experience and if you ask me its not a great first time. as a resault i found out i am pregnant. i knew the guy maybe for 15 minutes before it happend. i did report it but nothing has been done yet.he contacts me everyday to threaten my life and the babies but yet the police do nothing. i had made an appoinment for an abortion which was today and i did not go due to the fact that this is my child.i know i did not deserve this and i know my child does not deserve to live without a father. i have so much support from family that i am not worried about my child missing out on a father figure.now my problem begins with the my family doctor. he will not give me an ultrasound until i am 24 weeks but yet i carry the high risk of multiple birth im talking 4-5 kids at a time.so i would like to know a.s.a.p ifim having multiples or not. another thing is he will not refer me to an OBGYN because he told me this baby will ruin my life and i will hate it because of how it was made. then he goes on to tell me that the guy will stalk me and he will get custody because im only 18 and he was 21. any advice on what i should do?


Shelly - March 16

I'm sorry to hear about your horrible experience. Start by getting a new doctor. Always keep in mind that even in a doctor patient relationship, you are the customer. You need to have a doctor that respects you and listens to your needs. Since you have a supportive family, have them help you interview doctors. It is easier to make a decision with the imput of others that care for you. Planned Parenthood would be a good place to start. They can suggest receptive doctors in your area and can also help you with counesling (every rape victom needs some counseling) Another good way to find a good OBGYN is to call your local hospital and ask to speak to a nurse in OB. Ask the nurse which doctors they enjoy working with the most. This will give you a good idea of their disposition. I wish you all the best.


Julia - March 16

First of all I commend you for doing the right thing. Second of all GET A NEW DOCTOR !!!! Your current doctor is a quack!!! It is NONE of his business what you do with your life !!!!! Call your insurance agency and tell them you need a new doctor TODAY!!! Good luck and if you need to talk email ANYTIME [email protected]



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