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stacy123 - February 27

this forum is for teens to get advice...and i read this and alot of the questions really help me...and everyone seems to shit on everyone for everything...yes some ppl do say inapproprite things but just dont reply to them cuz obviously they are looking for attention...also if an adult wants to come in here and give advice then so be it...but if you dont have nething nice to say dont say nething at all...just wanted to say this becuase ppl need to grow up and smartin up...if your 15 and want to have a baby then who cares ..people comming in here and shooting them down isnt going to make them change their mind haha deffinalty not...so if they wanna be stupid let them be...just be normal and say normal thing on here plzzzzzz ...sick of seeing bullshit for 95% of you


stacy123 - February 28

your pathetic, thats all i have to say!!


Amanda18 - February 28

Now your gone and hurt my feelings. Time to grow up girly.


LaurenandAtticus - February 28

"If your 15 and want to have a baby then who cares"....lol that doesn't make any sense at all. Any person who just read that could tell you that, hun. I don't think it's that people are shooting them down for saying those things, just trying to make them realize that isn't the right choice. I'm many girls who you say are "shooting down" other girls, that aren't their intentions. If they come here asking random people online, if they are ready to have a baby...well jeez...that is RIDICULOUS. Anyone can put their input on that because obviously they don't even know if they want a baby if they are gonna come online, and ask people they don't know. Anyway, just saying....if you don't want advice and for people to tell you like it is...then maybe this isn't the right place for you. There is no reason for girls on here to sugarcoat things and make it like it's ok and all good to say things that are just ridiculous and selfish.


LaurenandAtticus - February 28

Meant to say I'm sure*. Whoops. =P


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - February 28

Well congrats Stacey123, you have officially cla__sified yourself with the group...you are tired of all of this and yet you stoop down to our "so called" level and call someone pathetic...you are what we like to call a HYPOCRITE and you fit nicely in these boards because obviously you for one, wouldn't have started a post explaining and putting us down, then for two go against your own post and call someone pathetic...so who here is the pathetic one now? I was like you once and thought it was rude, but being on here for a while helps you learn that people aren't who they say and sticking up for all these people isn't helping you, if I take my time out trying to help out a low life liar or if a 15 year old girl comes on here and i tell her the truth then so be it. Its a tough world and it don't matter. I can see there is a point where you draw the line in our comments...but for one, don't post about how horrible we are and then be a dumba__s and do the exact same thing.


abriamiacadia - February 28

Just wanted to say bravo to Amanda, Lauren and Atticus, and Nerdy Girl... couldnt have said it any better. If I ask a stupid question, I expect someone to say something about it lol. And Amanda I agree with the part about people who cant deal with someone elses thoughts they'll hafta mature a little, even if they are pregnant...especially if they are pregnant they'll need to mature so Bravo *claps hands*


lunamoo - March 1

Stacy123, GROW UP!!! and learn to listen and to take advice occasionally. If you are on here asking questions hence you are seeking advice and wanting to hear other opinions. Deal with it!



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