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youngmoma1 - November 7

if you have a test that was read negative the first 3 minutes after you took it but changed to positive after about 5 minutes,does this mean i am.


GimmeaBub - November 7

it could be n evap line, making it a negative however it alsodepends on the test, what test did u use?


youngmoma1 - November 7

i used a walgreens brand ( a cheap one) cuz it was all i could get then. im only 17 but i really think im pregnant.


kay101 - November 7

The walgreens tests do have evaporation lines, was it the kind with the blue dye. I used them to confirm pregnancy and the positive line showed up right away when the test really was positive


kendra.marie - November 7

id say go to the dollar store buy one for 1 dollar it will tell you if your pregnant or not for sure & it read from 15 hcg & up so good luck babe.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - November 7

Yeah the dollar store test worked good for me, and you could get a bunch because they are just a dollar


ChattyKathy - November 7

I really don't recommend dollar store tests. I've had two friends that have taken them and it said negative although they were pregnant. I have had evap lines and have seen tests that looked sort of positive but really blurry. Take the extra money to buy a different brand of test and see what happens.


pomny143 - November 7

You should really spend the extra money and not mess around with dollar store tests. Getting a correct result is vital. Good luck.


jennifer_33106 - November 7

You know a friend of mine just got false pos on the $store brand. She had one pos then 4 negatives in the days following. I am not going to say dont buy them if you cant afford anything else but if you can go with a better brand. I like the EPT myself and lots of people swear by the FRER.


youngmoma1 - November 8

i got 3 first response test last night i havnt taken them but il let you know the results. and the other test i took does have a dark positive sign



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