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Liljj4evea - August 27

Us girls who are teens and pregnant usally don't choose to be... It happened to me beacouse a condom broke... We took precautions, but it wasn't enough... So you people who keep asking girls why they did this to themselves and their feuture children... Shut up... And those who say that teens can't afford children you could join them... I have enough money to pay for my collage tuation at brown university, buy a house, and furish it completely.... I came into money from my parents after an accident so that did help... But if I didn't I was saving money in the bank as a precaution for somthing crazy like this... So everyone stop leaving nasty coments please??


Liljj4evea - August 27

That was supose to be furnished


AddyAndVictoriasMommy - September 12

Well you are still a child, huh. Too bad.


durante baby - September 14

hmmmmm....very interesting


Mrsrowe18 - November 7

In my opinion it's wrong to say nasty things to girls who got pregnant by accident. I got pregnant when I was 16 due to a broken condom also Plus I was on the pill. I lost the baby but I didn't want to. Accidents happen. Not all of us younger girls are trying to get pregnant because we wanna be popular or fill a void. Some of us, including me, wanna be a mom because we may not be able to have kids later on. I think that as long as you are mature enough, financially stable, and have a good man in your life and enough support, then you can have a baby. But anything under 18 is probably still too young.


Grandpa Viv - November 7

Ladies, it is important on this forum to avoid mud-slinging and criticism. On several occasions in the past immature comment has caused the teen forum to collapse. Constructive advice is what keeps it going. GL!


spakatak6 - December 22

OMG LEAVE PREGNANT TEENS ALONE EVERYONE WITH CRITSIM !!!!!! if they are happy thats all that counts! if they have thought about ti thats all that counts! no matter what you do your GOING to have people around you to help you out!


Advice Girl - December 30

I totally agree with you spakatak6, teen parents or teens who want to be parents can do what ever they want too. if they want to riase a child that's their decision not everyone else's. i've seen more teens handle a child more than a 20 or 30 year old could ever. being a kid and raising a kid is just half the fun. it's another chance to play with your old toys again lolz. Since Bo came back into my life with our son Josh i have been very greatful, scared but greatful. i'm 18 i'm with the most amazing guy in the world, i have an x around with my first baby and it shocked me yes but i live through each day with a smile on my face. that's what every teen mother or father needs in life is someone to just say congrats on the new life you are bringing into the world. to say i support you all the way weather you know that or not, it doesn't matter. every helping hand, advice comment, or saying your there to help is enought to make any teen parent smile all day long. I've been through some pretty nasty stuff myself and all i can say is just support a teen or anyone for that matter that wants to become a parent it's there choice. ACCIDENTS HAPPEN, no one can prevent things from happening that's how life is. Life may not always be fair but we all live through it just the same. Everyone starts a family some just want to start sooner. AND THAT'S NOT A WRONG THING. you don't have to have alot of money to your name to have a baby. Granted yes everything for a baby isn't cheap but there's no wrong way to start a family. so those who choose to put down teens knock it off. it's not going to get you anywhere because they/we are going to do what we want no matter what anyone says. Hurting teens is just going to make matters worse. SO GIVE IT A REST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ADVICE GIRL


ShawndaB3 - December 30

I'll be completely honest, I used to kind of stare at the pregnant girls and shake my head a bit. I always defended them against the other people criticizing them and what not, but I never really completely believed what I was saying. As of yesterday, that all changed. It hurts even more because some of us don't have someone to talk to. Things aren't really like Juno, sorry. They're not that easy. I'm going to be singing a different tune from now on.


spakatak6 - December 30

this isnt meant to be mean or anything so im sorry if it comes across the wrong way. i know theres alot of girls out there who have noone to talk to and i thought that was going to be the case , but i found people i could talk to , i made new friends with mothers to be and already mums. also my family is close and is very big family. some people dont like being friends to pregnant woman but you find people who are like you and are going thru the same thing you are and talk to them. its makes it a hell of alot eaiser. and there are people out there who are going thru the same thing as you , you just have to find them i know pregnancy is nothing like juno, and i know theres going to be rough and tough days but in the end you get your own precious little one to hold, to cuddle up to. and once again that isnt meant to be mean or rude in any way


ShawndaB3 - December 30

Oh no no, that's not what I meant by the Juno comment. I more meant, that it's really hard for girls like us but people don't think/know how hard it really is. Even I don't yet. That's all I meant.


spakatak6 - December 31

yeah just because people have a bad experience they think everyone else will have the same as wht they did, but people do things differently and go about things differently so everything will turn out another way and not like how someone elses did.


spakatak6 - December 31

i admit tho , things dont alwyas go the way you planned them but its how you go about it and how you deal with it with what it will turn out like in the end, if you think its going to end badly it defiently will end badly but if you know if you work hard at it and keep trying it will turn out and sometimes it will turn out better then you even expected. but everyone shouldnt critise cuz they had a bad experience.



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