Just Wonderin Bout Ur Pregnancy

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katie - April 8

this is not really a question but i just thought i wud ask how everyone is keepin and how everyone thts had there baby is too lol im havin a really bad pregnancy ive been in and out of hospital alot but anyways...xxx katie


J - April 8

aww katie whats been happening? i wish u all da luck in da world 4 u n ur baby! ul b a gr8 mom!


katie - April 8

aww thanks sweetie...em ive been bleedin loads again and im 31wks and so i was in hospital last week for 3days and the week before tht i was in for 9days..so im not havin a gr8 pregnancy lol but i can twait to b a mom to my baby girl =D xxx katie


J - April 8

awww congratulations, your baby gurlz guna have a gr8 mum! i hope its all okay, for you and i hope your feeling okay! best wishes xxx


- April 8

i'm sry to hear that! fortunatley my pregnancy is going good, hope urs goes better!!!


katie - April 9

thanks and gdgd so hows everyone else?? xxx katie


emerald - April 10

im back yay!!!!!! sorry ive jsut been in hospital for a while im okies now cause i nearly had a misscarriage :-( but im all better :-) just hav to take it easyer


katie - April 10

awww pet...r u okies??? i hope u are.sorry to hear bout tht...ur havin twins arnt u??? anyways take care and hope it dnt happen again xxx katie


Ariana - April 10

Heyyy well i had my baby girl 3 mo. ago and she is doing gooooood! she is sooo cute. Anyways I wish all you who have not had ur baby yet the best of luck with everything, if u are having problems or discomforts just try to rest a lil bit more and think positive. GOOD LUCK!


katie - April 10

aww congrats...its a bit late but hey better late than never


Mommy2Kylie - April 10

I had a rough pregnancy too. I was in the hospital for 5 weeks, and had morning sickness until I was 8 months. BUT my labor was great! LOL. I hope your labor goes better than your pregnancy is.


katie - April 10

thanks i hope it does to lol and its not that long now...im so scared but i cant wait to c my baby girl =D anyways xxx katie


kate - April 11

i'm 16 now in my baby is 2yr old. yes i started young but i didnt have any problem, the problem really came when i had him because it seem that you cant do nothing because you are to young are people always looked down on me but right now my son in i are doing real good now. but just hang in there in ever thing will be alright with your pregnancy. :) so good luck during your pregnancy in after your pregnancy.


erica - April 11

aww girl im so sorry, i give you so much credit for being so brave. If you ever need someone to talk to my email is [email protected] My pregnancy so far is going pretty good as far as i know, im going to the obgyn tomorrow to find out for sure, im 19 so im at the higher end of this teen thing but here to talk to ne one if theyd like.



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