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14 and expecting - February 14

does anybody else still wear thongs?


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - February 14

I didn't wear thongs before lol so I can't help you there. But just as long as they aren't tight around your waist it should be fine I would think...I could never stand the thought of wearing them though.


ChattyKathy - February 14

As long as your underwear isn't getting to where it is squeezing the tummy then there is no reason to switch.


maren - February 15

yup i wore them forever untill the discharge was heavy


14 and expecting - February 15

can they give you yeast infections?


thekissoff - February 15

I am 2 months along.. and I still wear them.. not all the time tho. they can lead to yeast infections because of the discharge that you lose each day.. and even more when ur pregnant..


AyameLovesXion - February 16

Hell yes I did. Only afterwards I couldn't till 6 weeks after I gave birth. hell I even shopped at victorias secret lol.


britt_m - February 17

yup, pretty often but not all day cuz of the discharge I'm 23 weeks


Noodle - February 17

you can wear thongs during pregnancy and can even buy maternity ones. i dont wear them though as i dont want to start the day with a permanent wedgie! they do increase your chances of yeast infections because the fabric is so tight to the area it gets warmer and the bactera is at an ideal climate to breathe. which isnt good considering pregnancy also increases yeast infection probability. but as long as your comfy and you keep an eye on things you should be fine


freebird - February 17

FYI, any underwear that you wear while you're pregnant will be SO stretched out afterwards so any expensive ones that you want to keep nice should not be worn. I wore regular underpants all through my pregnancy and afterwards I had to throw them all out because they were really stretched out.


AyameLovesXion - February 18

Um my victoria secret ones weren't stretched out at all, I'm 2 and a half months PP and they still aren't. Lol. Maybe that's just me.


EricaLynn - February 18

Haha... I was like ayame..... I didnt wear thongs but my under wear didnt streach.... my b___t shrank instead of grew when preggo and i wore my underpants under my stomach.....


14 and expecting - February 20

hey britt_m, I'm 23 weeks too! when are you due?


14 and expecting - February 20

i've already had 2 yeast infections and ppl say i should stop wearing thongs but im so used to them.


kenodra - February 21

ya hunni i worse mine up to 16 weeks then i couldnt no more. haha they have pregnancy underwear & they are so comfy its not even funny.


kenodra - February 21

do u have a piczo or not? let me know.. i dont know your doing it being 14 & a baby no way


14 and expecting - February 23

Kenodra,what do you mean?



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